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Friday, September 7, 2012

President Obama takes away Military FOB three day allowance for voting grace.

President Obama's administration takes the vote from Forward Operating and overload national security personnel.  Yet the President's Administration wishes to extend the voting right to illegals that claim foreign national citizenship and to felon's. While also stopping the voter terrorist laws of the Republic that force everyone to show an id when they vote. Which is not racist cause the Democratic party argument if showing id is racist or class warfare at voting, then so is driving, using credit, finding shelter, buying online, having to leave your house everyday as all states and federal laws state that you must carry id. Yet the admin wishes to destroy the military folks who fight and die for us extra three day leniency in case they called into last minute national security issues. But felons, voter terrorist, and illegal foreign nationals should get the privilege.

I was once a Democrat. Then again during that time every society and school I went to voted me as the most gulable. As I never thought my teacher's peers or elders would lie or miss lead me so I just followed as per their say. Then I got mad as I saw my national security being eaten away by President Bill Clinton's admin, our naval only deep water base, my local military base that protected a very oppressed and genocided anti communist population. So I read and read and read some more until I could not stop. And I filed a petition to remove President Bill Clinton based on treason and it was proven he took bribes from the MSS to destroy our national security. So today, I do my own research. I hear these African Democrats standing up stating that the Republic is creating racist or class warfare voting issues. The Republic gave poor and africans woman the vote. we fought hand in hand for that. Today, we are fighting to stop voter terrorism. LIke what Democratic DOJ Eric Holder and Lorreta King second in command allowed the Black Panther who threatens, white children and latin children to get away with and walk. I have read every single Republican law that has been created on voter terrorism. Not one says anything about your living hood or sun block genomic protection. All it says is, that you need an id. Each state says also that you need an id to leave your house, while poor can get free id's. So no more am I ever voting for Democrats. Cause they pray on the unable to research, poor and enslaved as if they are telling the truth but they are leading us to a world of foreign national take over and lies about illegalities so they can control via terrorist voting.

not say the Republicans are any better. But when it comes down to it for me. It is who is liening about what. Military issues like voter liency for those who die for us are very different argument than everybody should get it. No, these folks die for us. The majority of US citizens would not even help a person if they where in trouble let alone take a bullet in a foreign land for US. So war does not come to our shores.

The utmost sanctity of the Democracy is the vote. And I have never seen a party on either side destroy that sanctity more than this last semesters Democratic party members. Black Panthers got away with voter hate crime intimidation. The Democratic party lies to their sheep about Republican voter id laws. Then the Democrats wish to take a very old voting right to our soldiers who place their lives on the line for us. Which is just three days extra. Yet Eric holder is unwilling to perj death records in a timely manner. And Republican statemen are having to file Supreme Court cases to get their state's to purg dead people voting records. Where Eric Holder has mounted a massive legal attack against purging death proven records voting abilities. So his Black Panther party that he protected from hate crime voter terrorism can use it in small porition without being caught. I had a Republican in my area. Who once had latin's and whites stand guard as the Black Panther where threatening white voters in my county. That man was charged not only with voter intimidation but also a hate crime. Too and he was not even racist as his wife was European his best political friend was African and the actors where multicultural.

I am so mad right now that I am trying to work up a case and wolf pack to sue Color of Change for its economic warfare terrorism and violation of anti boycott laws. Color of Change is threaten companies with boycotts and they meet not one of the legal laws for being able to boycott in mass over 1,000 citizens. So legally they are an economic terrorist group committing a criminal felony and can be sued for all the lost funds that they have caused for not following the laws. They have not cited one legislative intent with a real article they have sent out to over 10,000 and gained sign documents based on their felonous leadership of a boycott. The legislation they are attacking. Is exactly similar to the very one they have to use to gain monetary votes for their non profit. Which is you have to have an id to get a non profit, a bank account, or proclaim you have a leader of the business. So, right now I see a party really upsetting the whole idea of Democracy for their racist version of domiante take over based on felonous violation of boycotting laws.
I am not an attorney just a paralegarty researcher.

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse for men in general. It is less an excuse for men whose special duty is to apply it, and therefore to know and observe it." such a company like Color of Change who constantly attacks companies through boycotts. Should know the laws. Of having to prove legally to their sheep that they shepardize that the company is violating laws or civil morality. They have done neither. As the civil morality of the US as per proliferated id laws with over 300 million id laws in the USA. Shows there is no morality in saying if you vote you have to have an id. cause to live they have to have one. 

Screws v. United States - 325 U.S. 91

I have letters that are pure passionate and pure hate written. With not one cited legislation or proven civil rights battle cited. For example, Dr Martin Luther King's march against the Democratic KKK southern parties where he used major Republican college students to march with him.. Then those citizens did not have the right to vote. So the Republic used arms such as the right to bear arms to march with the Dr King. Where as the Democratic Party at that time was marching against him and the Republic. However, I can't find in my civil rights mind one good analogy of any civil rights battle we have had. That says legally and morality we should not ask folks to show id. In our countries most sacred battle field of peaceful politics the vote. 

you literally screwed color of change. I will make sure you non profit certification is revoked for violation of boycott laws and economic terrorism against a specific class of citizens known as European lineage and Republicans. There is no law nor civil rights behind your terrorist actions to threaten companies to stop funding legal institutions. so literally

Screws v. United States - 325 U.S. 91 

The below is from a US military coalition of every US military personnel. Representing the fighting forces of the US. That the President Obama Administration is attacking to take away their rights as last minute US defense personnel that get called in without notice to have a three day grace period. Yet Eric Holder allows dead people to have a three year grace period. 

Dear Sir,
Thank you for contacting MOAA. Rest assured that MOAA is engaged in this issue.
The problem is that some politicians and some in the press are trying to paint this as the Administration being opposed to military voting rights.
We don’t believe that’s the case. Their goal is to get everybody the same extension the military people got.
We have no problem with that expansion.
Unfortunately, one of the arguments the Administration is making to the court is that it’s unconstitutional to give military people special voting rules.
We can’t agree with that, and don’t want a court ruling that upholds that. MOAA, along with 14 other military associations, have filed motions in this case disagreeing with the premise of that argument.
If they didn’t try to make that argument, we wouldn’t be involved.
But we can’t take a risk that would have the court say, “You’re right. The military shouldn’t get the extension unless everybody does.”
Just as the Administration is trying to extend the time for everyone, we’re trying to make sure that the outcome of the suit doesn’t force military people to lose the extension they’ve won.
We’ll be writing more about this in this Friday’s Legislative Update. I hope this helps shed a bit more light on the situation, and helps clarify MOAA’s stance. Thanks for taking the time to contact us, and for your continued support.
Jamie Naughton
Assistant Director, Government Relations

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Ticket Information:
Ticket #:5555-10475213
Date Created:8/05/2012 03:21 PM EDT
Summary:Democrats Versus Military Voters: Not the First Time:
Details:Democrats Versus Military Voters: Not the First Time
"Last Thursday, Breitbart News' Mike Flynn broke the news that the Obama campaign was suing in the swing state of Ohio to block a law that extends early voting for members of the military for an additional three days. A fierce battle erupted, with Democrats (and a few conservatives) arguing that Obama campaign was simply trying to extend the military's privilege to everyone else. Regardless of the remedy they seek, Flynn points out, they are suing to end an exemption for military voters. It would not be the first time Democrats--who pretend, in their fight against voter ID, to want more ballot access--have tried to stop the military's votes from counting.In 2008, for example, the State of Virginia (a critical swing state in 2012) had failed to send absentee ballots to members of the military on active duty in time for them to complete the ballots and return them before the election. When the campaign of Republican nominee Sen. John McCain sued to compel the state to count military ballots that had arrived after election day, the State Board of Elections--then run by Democrats, appointed by a Democratic governor--argued, effectively, that it could send absentee ballots to the military a day before the election and still be in compliance with the law. As RedState's Soren Dayton put it: ...the Democratic Chairwoman of the Virginia State Board of Election (appointed by the Democratic National Committee Chair Tim Kaine, in his capacity as Virginia Governor) Jean Cunningham just claimed a legal basis for massively raising the barrier to voting for soldiers at war.The Department of Justice (then still run by fair-minded appointees of George W. Bush, and not yet part of the Democrats' voter-fraud-and-intimidation-machine) replaced the McCain campaign, which faced problems of legal standing, as plaintiff in the lawsuit. Eventually, the federal court ruled that Virginia had indeed violated federal law--but that the number of missing votes would not have changed the outcome of the election.Meanwhile, in the swing state of Ohio, Democrats had done everything they could to bring apparently fraudulent voters to the polls in 2008. When early voting began, they took buses and rounded up homeless people--some from as far away as Chicago, allegedly--and brought them to the polls. Then-Ohio secretary of state, Democrat Jennifer Brunner, turned away Republican poll observers, virtually enabling the Democrats' shenanigans to take place.When Democrats sue to remove an exemption designed to give military voters an equal chance of being counted, they claim they are only acting in the interests of fairness. When Republicans support for voter ID laws--laws supported by large majorities, even among black voters--the left cries "racism," claiming that Republicans want to suppress the vote of those most likely to vote Democrat. It is a sadly typical act of leftist projection--for is is Democrats, not Republicans, trying to make it more difficult for a particular group to vote because that group tends to vote for the opposition. Since Flynn's story broke, the Romney campaign weighed in to support those facing down the Obama campaign's army of lawyers. "I stand with the fifteen military groups that are defending the rights of military voters, and if I'm entrusted to be the commander-in-chief, I'll work to protect the voting rights of our military, not undermine them," Mitt Romney said. Yes, counting the ballots of a reliable Republican voting bloc is good for Romney, politically. But it is also in keeping with the measures taken by nearly every state in the Union over the past two years to make voting easier for soldiers, who have done so much to fight for the right of strangers to vote in hostile lands. Barack Obama, who once claimed he supported gay marriage because of the soldiers "fighting on my behalf," evidently cannot be bothered to defend those same soldiers' right to vote."

Some of the Military do not get out of training for the vote and some are stuck in specific military cases. So they can't get out for three days. While the majority of units have to scramble to get their cases back logged to get a moment to go out and vote. They want to give criminals and felon's the vote, and give them a extension of rights. Yet our folks who fight and die can't have one. As a matter of fact they also wish to give illegal immigrants the vote, and stop programs that id folks at the voting booth. So you can go and vote illegally for as many folks that you know are not going to go vote. Along with that the rule was created for FOB's to get time to have folks come out and take their places so they could go back in and vote. WHich takes about three days to do so. So now all FOB's the men and woman in the front lines can no longer have that privelege to come and vote. After their counter parts have voted. The DOJ has sued to allow felon's, dead people, to vote, and now is sueing to stop FOB's and soldiers in combat from getting the extra three days to vote, so they can have folks vote and then come and take their places. Eric Holder the man sueing the military, also allowed a Black Panther who uses a megaphone to say sometimes we have to kill Latin or White babies, stood in front of a voting booth in a prodiminate whtie neighborhood, with a weapon. This man did not get hate crime of voter intimidation. He get a infraction charge thansk to Eric Holder and Lorreta King.

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