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The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dalian Wanda Group's Revocation of AMC Ownership
"When an industry is considered
sensitive. As to be the primary
tool to stop world war's and invasions.
If a country uses a Military man, declares
war, create's laws, blockade's that industry,
board members fund terrorism against that
countries culture, then blocks anything to do
with that countries culture of Democracy,
while being well known for bribery to win,
then also have very close ties to the legislatures
that created the laws and declared the war on that
industry, then tries to buy a countries majority holdings
in that industry. It is up to the people revoke the action."

Austin Colt
Investigative Journalists
Cosmic Detective 

Dalian Wanda Group's Revocation of AMC Ownership. Is not an easy thing to do. First, the security review
action must be reviewed. If you are study Communist Economic Warfare. You know that right away
just based on news articles. That this company fails the US National Security Review board sensitive industry
ownership. Which means we must prove it is a first, a sensitive industry. However even then, for some reason, this review board allowed them to own the majority of playhouse industry. So secondly, we must prove that there was probability of bribery in the review board. As thirdly we will need to show jurisdiction for NSA to review the board. After such, we then must go over the current review board and appeal. Which means as lower form of national security. We must take it to a higher review board. This board will be the NSA as they
primarily deal with foreign collection and have more information on this company.Than the review board that erroneously allowed the Dalian Wanda Group to own the industry. During this issue, fifthly, I must present proper case outlines of prior National Economic Security reviews that should have been used. Where, sixthly, I will then prepare evidence to input into those outlines that prior review boards in two major case have both used in precedent for economic national security. The facts of economic review issues. Where the evidence will outline legal corporate fair doctrine. Which their legal teams should have used for not allowing take over of a National Security industry. As based on the unfair economic warfare strategies by the SASAC of the Communist Chinese party in their main industries. As we work, they are preparing more laws to make it unfair for their primary industries to own fair market shares. Thus then placing the companies in scope for a understanding of why they are being told they have to, under government review, revoke the transaction. This will also link into anti-trust violation laws of their primary corporate national security root industries and show why we are also worried about the industry at hand. I will then conclude with a position of national security strength which will, if need be, suffocate any corporate retaliation to the agency. By means of government restructuring of their business. That will leave it in free market hands. In the name of National Security and natural obvious issues with a country that declares war on the USA's cultural industries. Then purchases the biggest cultural industrial business.

A business or industry that is considered a sensitive industry is something that

maybe place specifics in intro. re read a couple times. Walk a way for a while take a walk have a smoke. be back soon.

also maybe work in some cases on national security revoking of ownership of industries, based on threats of industry war prioir monopolizations of industries, laws created to take action of such threat's, blockaiding industries to improve action of such threat's, closeeness of busines sowner and directors to threat creators and then legal action creators, along with physical death industry that uses force to destroy via the same folks outlines for monopolization of indiustries.

anologies for the corporations that as a muticultural corporate ownership owned AMC. If it was Cargill's food or material industrides that had foreign declaration of war on them, blockaded that industry, then major funding of terrorist against their children that have served in our armed forces. They would not have allowed it and used teh Nat sec review board to gain help, same with Chase, if it was their primary banking industry that was being economically bullied they would have and have before sought US nat sec help. Bring in cases wher eboth have argued to save their industries, also Apollo the African cultural industry. would not allow that to happen to their primarily industy of African culture. Use prior case to ease any kind of retlation before suffocation of vulgarity towards agency happens.

Outline for article for NSA to react with Hitter's or complete power coup of industries not following procedures

with regards to National Security review

The reality of Democracy ownership of such a senstive industry as literal brain washing and cognitive wave creation biases can happen. Where prior the industries once taken from US government ownership during world war i and ii. Where forced to be owned by muticultural ownership. So as to not allow Mengels brain washing programs. As many ownerships would stop and counter the one from such actions. Bring in that as a senstive industry. US gov only sould off play houses to muticultural industries. This buy out is a primary one and is analogized to be exactly like Nazi German party with Falun Gong and pro mono fascist political and government constitution. Old US Propaganda Gov ownership of play houses and pro Democracy cultrual icons. Which the Communist plan to remove. Which are placed into every single piece of candy, every single movie and still taught today in movie schools. As pro Democracy education. As opposed to Chinese pro Marxist mono cultural media forced teachings in their schools. CCP banns all Democracy icons and symbols, along with many US actors and radio thesbians.

1. NSA Jurisdiction

2. Sensitive industry outline (movie theater's playhouses major world changes like renisance, world war InII

3. Prior cases Huwaei PLA ownership and control, along with close ties to terrorist funders in the military

and centralized board. United Emirate's outline for nat sec review board cultural war and also ties to terrorism.

4. Proof of above outlines.

5. Bribery

6. The idea that if we do revoke it Cargill will lose farm markets (refute with the laws they are creating to block

our industries now, along with the same thing they did in the other industries of mouse trap, they do not care

they will hurt us) Chase's idea that if revoked they will hurt them, they already block their banks, cause them to

have massive higher debt holdings to loan ratio's, causing uncompetitive markets, while also revoking

individual bank card's, and also having forced Communist party secretaries in every branch. Apollo

they hate black people that is proven by what President Obama's brother book wrote about in his time in China

Where he says that if you think American white folks are bad towards africans you shoudl see Chinese.

7. Conclude wrap it all up. Then call specific shots on the three major share holders in case they do not want

to follow NSA laws. Hit, attack, coupe if necessary under the NSA legal program laws. Specific chair's,

code names for individuals working with US G's. And then actions to retake the business by hostile means for

next generation of owners or stock holders.

The idea that the US is nice to the Communist Party. Is stupid. 30 years still and the US still has a massive

deficit. As no amount of market shares has every reached the amount of kindness the US has granted

the SOE's and Communist Chinese Party.

collection of articles:

Communist Chinese senstive industry the west can;t invest it but we allow them to invcest in

Sensitive industries off-limits to foreign PE firms:

We rejected Huwaie as the owner had a military background just like Dalina Wanda

Huawei impingement: sensitive industries in the United States over security barrier

The National Security Policy Process:


Thwarting Foreign Ownership Limits

analogy the cognitional infrastructure systems of play houses
Foreign Ownership of U.S. Infrastructure

Committee on Foreign Investment in the US


How To Understand US Foreign Investment Laws

there should be an outline for US citizens to be able to see and collect information on to provide Democracy feedback instead of bribery lead review boards.

CONTROL OR INFLUENCE,%20Control%20Or%20Influence%20(FOCI).pdf


create a list of scholars on foreign owernship who study this matter to let them know my cite exist. So when CCP review boards come up they may easily review collections on my cite. The majority of the US educated populace does not know my cite even exist.

A Warning to Foreign Companies Entering "Sensitive" U.S. Markets

now start the long dragnet of my research libary collection for all necessary relevant articles.


Head Chinese Neo Nazi Enjoys genociding Falun Gong.

This man right here Owns our major cognitional studies. He is analogized to Hitler himself with regards to fascist Communist Chinese culture and genociding Falun Gong members. Every cultura institution knows that Bo the one politician under court order scandal for caught murder by western detectives in China. As Britain threatened war if no court procedures. Will tell you this man is analogized to Hitler, as to Jews as Wang is to Falun Gong.

then let me show you the head of the General I would fictionally like to place in this mans bed. Wangy going to get head in bed. :)

The general who admitted to it is on here somewhere. Then he moved nuclear material through the Latin America's. This thing is huge.

This man himself would be the annotated analogy of me. For the Chinese racist syndicate of Communist like I am for the Muticultural Democracy.

"Xu and fellow tycoon Wang Jianlin, chairman of property developer Dalian Wanda Group, allegedly bribed government officials to help Bo, who was Dalian mayor from 1993 to 2000, to climb the political ladder in exchange for lucrative deals"

Bo was the Racist Chinese Communist Boss who killed one British Political man and then ordered the hit of the US's highest anthropology agent with 9 languages.

I know the three in line after him and have contemplated as Bo and him contract hits and orders. That if he moves one single of his men in our country for any hits or muscle to take him out and replace him with his under boss. Which is currently being manipulated for his take over. Fictionally of course.

This guy owns the worlds biggest cognitional brain manipulation bases


China firm buys AMC to form world's largest cinema chain

No want not hate group cite. It is a cite that is defensive against fascist racist like you and Bo and Xu your Wanda group pals.

How the Deal for AMC Entertainment Furthers China's Culture Agenda

"Taking control of AMC helps Wanda move closer to that government goal." Goal is to create communist world.!FFB95DA8-6221-4414-8F5E-A9E4F3DB7D84

China bans foreign TV shows during prime time

China bans Western music

Wang's best buddies wack Western Politicians one gets caught finally goes to trial. This man also preaches against any culture but German Communist Chinese culture. And is in his life and funding genocidal towards Falun Gong.

Then in his movie theaters. He holds back major Western Plays to release them at the same time. So we can't gain the necessary market shares. As folks have to chose between two movies let go many months from each other.
Foreign firms caught in China's security Web

We can't own big parts of their cultural cognitional industries. Nor even get ours in without being mamed and manipulated. Yet here stands the Hitler of China owning our biggest cultural bases.

China: Western cultural influence being banned in favor of CHINA culture.

For those that think this is racist. My best friend who I mate with and wanted to marry and birth with is Vietnamese Chinese. However, she does not like unemployed man with motorcycle and no home. Her mom's wants her to marry a doctor. But for some reason she keeps shaking up with me. Also my family also has Chinese in our family too my Cousin and my second cousin her baby. I do believe, never asked as I do not care. But I think I overhead it. Thai and Chinese I think.

Chinese President Hu Jintao warns of cultural warfare from West 

Inside the Central Party School

Wang's Close friends create law to force all Journalist to be forced to learn Marxism.

China orders journalists to retrain in communist theory
Notable censored subjects include but are not limited to, democracy," 

PLA armed service man allowed to own AMC:
"From 1970 to 1986, he served in the People's Liberation Army"

Main those guys are a threat to any culture. But still though singing and dancing a threat to culture. No the security review board was misqued on this man's ownership of our highest intel warfare. Which is Democracy culture cognitional bases. It spure Racism driving their cultural war. I mean the majority of the Cultural US Democracy Icon's are groups like the Backstreet boys, muticultural, African Woman, European ladies singing about female pride, etc. This man is very closely tied to cultural manipulation. Review board is bad eggs.

Along with that if you look at Wang's dealings with SOE Banks and his friends on their board. You will see that his friends are on SOE banks that have funded Hamas, Al Queada in the Philipines, and also the opposition side of Democracy during Libya I forgot the leader of that country that did not like us. So who ever ran the security board review for this man I am almost 100% sure that they where bribed massively. As he does that and kills too. As anyone with contacts like folks like the Bo the killer, the three SOE bank board members funding terrorism. Then the specific Communist Party officials who made statements about cultural war with the West. Then legal legislation to commit cultural war with us. Would have not let him own AMC. So I would look to that mans lifeline and timeline to see where the bribery was given and arrest him. Then remove Wangy's Dalin Wang Genocidal Hitleristic style against Falun Gong self out of my mo fo country.

Security review board of that would be. Find me the ruling, find me their lives, dig in on them if need be grant warrants for soul to light of all property and ownership of anything. Link into major favors too.

I will analogize the Dubai port system here. We did not allow Dubai Emirates to buy our ports and management them. As they had ties to major terrorist funders. So does Wang and his friends.

They are all big boys they can all afford to re-change hands. The King of I says this is bribery and illegal. And does not want Hitler Wang owning the worlds biggest movie theater chains. He can buy a smaller one much smaller that does not surpass US interest in the industry. But I will push terrorist funding ties on him. Cancel contracts.

Carlyle group and Chase we can make your lives very hard if you fight against me on our cognitional bases being owned by a Chinese Hitler. So play nice when we rechange hands. You boys remeber my last legal victims accounts and necessary defense liasons.

Bright lines on case:

1. Was security review board bribed?
2. Was the necessary elements of United Emirates owning our Port system as per the ties to their board members ties to terrorist funding applied to these board members ties to terrorist funding? I do not think it was.

With open source books teaching folks how to make brain manipulation devices out of cell phones and to create a whole board room of brain manipulation to buy poo from your based on sounds from your presentation and que's along with specific foods and chemicals groups in the foods. I do not think a man like Wang should own or operate our biggest movie theater bases if he has ties to Killers of Western leaders, Chinese Racist, Terrorist funders that kill Western forces, and the very leaders who declared Cultural war on the West in the public. I do not think that the security review board did a thorough examination of this man's ties to very necessary possibilities of brain manipulation terrorism.Which today is real and any music producer who has ever had a hit past 50 million, knows that its real.

Do I have to be fascist about this ok. Somebody revoke this or somebody is going to die. Fictionally. My Beyounce, Lady Gaga and Back Street boys may not be banned by your buddies that also fund terrorism against Lady Gaga when she travels and against our Democracy culture. Then allow you MR Wang to own our major cultural state at its biggest llight show source for our Culture. Hell now somebody kill somebody. Till I get this revoked. Fictionally.

Clubly Lovely 77 on this matter. Show wang that my poor arses can kill folks too fictionally of course.

Communist China Racist Syndicate leaders will not be allowed to threaten war on my culture, kill my cultural leaders, then explane to their whole country they are going to cultural war. Create cultural laws to complete that war. Then come in and bribe my security review boards and gain our biggest cultural iconic vinues. No, I do not think. So I we go fascist Mac says 7n7. Legally and properly court it see if its granted.

Until the time I can sit as an attorney infront of you I am just a wiseman. And I can only seek legal and proper review for our clandestine courts. Currently I again wish for another petition on nat sec. Please review this one in the proper agency for cultural war against Democracy. I am about five years out from my legal bar. And then I will argue it like G Mac did.

NSA there are few attorneys like me who know of the courts system and can be granted as my pure of heart to Democracy. You have granted many of petitions. I again ask that this petition is granted to revoke, with prejudice as prejudice is against our culture of Democracy. If necessary force I wish to be shown. However, that is up to the court pro and con. Please argue this petition too.

Lock down locations of all Wang's muscles shadows and gunners. Give me the petition grant it and move on it. Legally and properly through the agency of our oldest cultural defense Democracy. This is such a obvious case of bribery.

This one move alone. Allows Wang to bring in his fellow Intellegence generals business. Food, mastering of sound, tracks for brain manip like we do for Democracy, labor controls, the whole nine yars. And they admit to cultural war. This one thing will destroy not only this our biggest industry of Democracy defense our movies . But also major control of the whole industry. As it is the biggest one in the USA. Thus his other contracts can be used to this one. Therefore, making it non competitive and very controlled by his very close friends who fund Lady Gaga terrorism of her shows, Hamas, Al Queada, and massive areas of anti Democracy cultures in the world. This is stupid, NSA please hear my complaint, kill if necessary, this is very obvious.

They admit to corruption bribery and espionage to get their industries monopolized. Over and over again, ,some of Wang's closest friends and corporate board members admit to it too. This is reality. They will monopolize our oldest cultural defense industry. The play house.

Again please read up on the Illumaniti take over of Catholic play houses the food, the culture, the reniasance of Democracy that it created. Wang wishes to react to facism and recreat it. During world war one and two we militarized our cognitional playhouses. To stop local Germans from wanting to be Socialist Nazi Germanys. Will we lose in the long run candy companies, soda companies, the whole nine yars. The cognition of a movie is as powerful as a child's note to take the day off from mom.

Communist China is a militarized economy. Almost all of its major industries are owned and run by the military. Plan and Simple Dalin Wanda is run by the PLA and the SASAC, along with close board allies on his boards. That have funded terrorism, and declared war on the US. With laws and actions.

My guess is that the CEO name of the Company is not even a real person but just the name of a Chair person that they use for their military issued seats. Like a US cloaked entity. Which I can name 10 of.

and I am guessing we can get one of them to defect. As they know the others as per the pictures of the same peprson and name being so different. That they are probable just being quarted feed for not listenting. As I know the PLA is way more facist than the Druids are. If we can get one to defect and break that code publically. Like we did with the Soviet individual owned business being owned by the Kremlin and not individual. THat would be superb. Plus I just had another offiicial defect with over 3 billion. They are trying to say it was only 30 Million. But that is not true. I can protect them. We have a no take policy with PLA and MSS agents here. We kill on cite if tracking targets.

And as the US Druid fascist have over 1,000 world hard power bases. And over 3,000 intel bases. That does not even include Democracy allied government styles. Which have another 1,000 between them all. So We can do that kind of stuff. Where as the Communist after the fall of the Soviet's have about 5 international bases and about 1,000 intel bases.

That is because recionist mindsets are seen as treasonous and go in front of NSA as such. So long a their is world market shares to create exports too. Recionist mindset is treated like Treason to the USA.

The School is to be invaded by reporters get me coverage and light shows:

"The Military Economics Academy was established in July 1946, in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province and was originally as the supply Academy for Northeast Democratic United Army. The academy was renamed "Military Economics Academy" in 1986. On Sep. 19, 1996, the 50th anniversary of founding of the school, President Jiang Zemin, personally inscribed the school motto of "Strictness, Practicality, Probity and Self-devotion"."

What kind of country has generals that do all of their city building and centralized economic planning?

Then when I invade their Communist central command center's with Democracy protestors and proxy agents. I will burn their centrally planned puppet regime maps and fancy boards. Like we did the Soviets then before them the Nazi's.

Bet this cock suckers have the whole city planned out to the very lineage that they will have sleeping on the corner's and who will be sucking the dicks and selling the brain manipulation material to keep them caged up. Arswholes. I will burn your fancy centralized schools like I did the Soviet's and like G Mac did the Nazi's.

I burny burn burn, your communist arses down to the ground your utopia of planned oppression of those who are different than you, I burny burn burn you down to the ground, your fancy centralized schools and your fancy comrade brain washing to all one German Racist idea. I burny burn burn, like those centralist before you. This is a Republican hym called hands off baby.

When all of the PLA soldiers burn their beds and the Empire of Commuist takes it last breath before I am my fellow Intl Generals walk beneath their Brain wave controller station goal posts and we smile in our suits as the place goes under Democracy. I will say, ya baby ya.

Then the biggest society of rightist religious spiritual believers the Falun Gong who have more practicers than the Communist party has engineer's. Will be able to vote for their own rightist. 

Communist China's Confucius Religion in United States Public Grammar Schools.

thoughts right now, red phone from SASAC to ex military personnel, SASAC controls systems, the specific whole industry list that has the movie theaters on the CCP sensitive no dominate list. etc have to eat. This is a work in progress.

brain manipulation is real, sounds placed in music with notes and lyrics to create feelings, democracy brain mastering of sounds and communist mono mastering of sounds as per a study of the masters of sounds in Hollywood, find that article on my cite, light shows that are used to create civil war or unrest, the blocking of US Democracy light shows or movies, anti trust policies in the us that stop the US from being allowed to sell a foreign company its industry if it gives it a strategic heavy weight international non competitive isssue.

The $500,000 research report on how Music and movies helped Create Democracy in the Soviet Union. As per the US's very high sensitive areas of music industry and movie industry not being allowed to be owned by them.

The US's Joe McCarthy underground punk rock and US Democracy movie back pack movements and underground shows helped spure Soviet Democracy and disbanding of Russian control of smaller islands of near neighbors. Something folks do not know about joe he was the founding father of punk rock and back pack type movements of movies. VHS was a big deal in the Democracy underground movements during the cold war.

a good parallel article would be to create a min movie theater revolution. Where Democracy actors and small movie's can get played like we have in my county. That plays major Democracy underground movies and is a very small boutique environment near AMC theaters. to undercut the mass corp Communist brain mastery. How to use major names to drive heards to the smaller movie theater's that are much more interesting and the majority of the time much cheaper. where their movies are propogated as not being played in the AMC cause of monotheism and against Democracy. The small counter revolution like we do in my county ever summer can be mimickjed. If Dalin Wanda does not try and buy that up too. But that should also be considered top sec.

Bureau of Industry and Security

"monopoly describes a situation where all (or most) sales in a market are undertaken by a single firm. A natural monopoly by contrast is a condition on the cost-technology of an industry whereby it is most efficient (involving the lowest long-run average cost) for production to be concentrated in a single firm. In some cases, this gives the largest supplier in an industry, often the first supplier in a market, an overwhelming cost advantage over other actual and potential competitors."

"Competition law, known in the United States as antitrust law, is law that promotes or maintains market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies."

Republican Senator Sherman's work. I have a lot on anti trust violations of state's that abuse their centrale committee in a similar fashion the SASAC and Dalin Wanda Corp. Actually laws that do not allow such centralized abuse for industrial take over.
"The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 was the first measure passed by the U.S. Congress to prohibit abusive monopolies, and in some ways it remains the most important."

"Antitrust Law and the Promotion of Democracy and
Economic Growth"

Which industries are sensitive to cyclical cycles

The movie industry and democracy the analogy. That since the begging of the western reniassance. Play house owner families have been getting together to balance power to one spectrum to the other via play house soul mimicking.

Economic Security Neglected Dimensions in National Security

also collect economic grand strategy and economic statecraft books I have collected too.

Neuroscience, Ethics, and National Security: The State of the Art

Science and Technology Directorate Human Factors and Behavioral Sciences Division

Collection also on on the brain wave manipulation books I have collected on.

This is an industrial economic security review. What the team that did Dalian Wanda who gets paid over$80,000 a year. They did not even go over anti trust, or neurscience projections or any of the other outlines as Huwaei or United Emirates. I would rucking fire them all. I get paid nothing and am almost living under a bridge and my outlines of research 10000 times surpass their care of their duties. 
I even have Homeland security documents stating that music and movie industries are a national security very high sensitive industry. Yet it was not cited in the Dalian Wanda security review board. This is not school where failing and getting a d you can retake the class. This is called life and their ownership of our neural wave output and mimicking cognitional bases, is a very big issue. 

Neuroscience, society
and policy

Neuro science wafare Democracy v Communism
Riding the Brain Waves: Neuromarketing's Choppy, Uncharted Waters

Rise of Neurocinema: How Hollywood Studios Harness Your Brainwaves to Win Oscars

The study of rave dj's are actually able to create a political biases in mass for voter's. For the young groups. So while the Democrats and extremist leftist have heavy rave dj's the Republic party which believes in hands off is losing the mental warfare game as per no dj's in the field that create brain waves. THat was a great report I read. Which is funny, I did it to my x when we where mating. I had her listen to her rave music and she is a conservative most of the time. Then after listening to her music. Which is a well known leftist DJ who is known for brain or borgeing, she hated the republicans. I laughed at her she is such a cute stinky sheep.

This can be done in the same manner with low tones in a movie theater. Which is like the sounds dogs hear but not humans. While the US has no FCC brain manipulator trackors or detectors.

Cognitive neuroscience of music

There are actually books for parents which is like the warlock's or witche's alamanc. That teach parents what kind of food, music and the current on program or movie theater choices that go well with it for specific career;s or paths that they may want the child to engage in. I know I have three sitting in my room. Which I try and do to myself, but it is hard grown up as a trucker's mom and dad rebel's son. I just like to rebel.

This is also used in our movie theater's With regards to Republican movies and Democratic movies during our political spectrum light movies. Which we produce movies, then use light charts in the soul and cognitive sciences in the market place to move quadrants of humans that are not heavy biased one side or the other. The fear is and nationals ecurity is that the extremist left'st as the Communist Chiense will not play ball fairly for Democracy as they stated they wish to destroy our culture and are at war with it. And when it is time for fariness of movie light show plays they will even if they do manipulate the show as they do almost everything per the SASAC regulations of their cosntitution of a one world political party known as the Communist monotheistic culture.

SASAC and Rising Communist SOE Cold War Weapon Corporate Power in China

Economic Espionage and Industrial Spying

Detecting Deception

Checks and Balances in a Two-Party System

Chinese State-Owned Enterprises and U.S.–China Economic Relations

The Economics of Justice

China Plans Path to Economic Hegemony,1518,741303,00.html

Report on the Statistical Discrepancy of Merchandise Trade between the United States and China

Chinese Currency Manipulation Hurts US Exports

Schumer, Stabenow, Casey Unveil Legislation to Crack Down on Unfair Currency Manipulation by Countr

China: Words and Deeds Not In Sync

U.S. Trade Deficit Soars, Led by China, Manufacturing, and High-Tech Goods

China's race to supremacy

Accountability and Inequality in Single-Party Regimes: A Comparative Analysis of Vietnam and China

Sources of Corruption in Authoritarian Regimes

The Political Economy of Authoritarian Single-Party Dominance

How to Recognise and Deter Bid Rigging

Corruption up among China government officials


China vows no Western-style political reforms

China tells foreign businesses 'to stop complaining'

Catalogue of Restricted Foreign Investment Industries

3. Distributing and selling of audiovisual products (excluding movies)(joint venture or Chinese should hold the majority of shares)

Seeds of Fire:China and The Story Behind The Attacks on America

Free Trade with Protectionist China Cheats America

Media Censorship in China

Communist Chinese hsi nao (brain washing or reducation through audiovisuals)

In China, Millions Targeted for Brainwashing

Strategies used in China and other Communist countries

A Study of 'Brainwashing' in China

Terror in my soul: Communist autobiographies on trial

Psychology in Communist China.

Communist China's Propoganda Organizations


Chinese rulers hide dictatorship with idealistic words

Harry Wu Exposes China's Nazi-like Genocide


Khmer Rouge Genocide Indictment: MSM’s Communist Cover-Up

trade deficit shows mindset of the corrupt or illgotten researcher who thought that allowing buy off would get us more trade. It won't it has not for over 30 years. 
China's foreign trade surplus Analysis: Causes, Effects and Countermeasures

China has now become the biggest risk to the world economy

US Export Competitiveness in China{0B267FED-1E50-4EEF-9780-5F2DAF8A9625}

China's Trojan Horses

Communist Chinese still execute folks who wish for Democracy so their own political party can get votes

China bans Richard McGregor's book on the Communist Party


Communist Party controls wealth and big state-owned enterprises

What is the "China Model?"

Underestimating China’s Market Advantage

Chinese spy who defected tells all

Chinese Communist Party bans media from reporting social problems

US business beseiges panel with China complaints

No Surprise: China Regulation Hampers US Business There

U.S. asked China to stop missile parts shipment to Iran


Manzullo: China Must End Unfair Trade Practices to Give Americans Chance to Compete for Jobs

U.S. calls for "more equitable" trade with China

Clinton: China must end unfair trade policies

India to raise trade barriers against China to protect domestic industries

2010 National Trade Estimate Report Cites Chinese Barriers to Trade

China trade barriers a serious concern: U.S. aides

Moody's Issues Stern Warning On China's Pyramid Bank Recapitalization Scheme;Has CIC Entered A Fund

The Politics of International Economic Relations

China's threat to American economic stability

Red Chinese Battle Plan

The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage

Chris Devonshire-Ellis On The Communist China Price


Getting Surplus Countries to Adjust

Economics and Engineering

alot of this stuff is for context. I am dealing with a Liberal administration that believes that fascist communism is a great thing. As they spent their whole lives growing up fighting for Communist Soviet Russia. So they believe that Communist China is a great thing without any context except fnords they learned from their pop stars growing up.

China’s expansion of economic espionage boils over

The Chinese Communist Party As Organizational Emperor

Investigative Journalism and Political Power in China

B ACKGROUND & G ENERAL C HARACTERISTICS explanes monopolistic cultural style of Communist China.

Dynamics of News Media Regulations in China:Explanations and Implications

China Reporter Training: Certification System To Require Training In Marxist Theories of News

China orders journalists to retrain in communist theory

Communism is a form of terroism.

Building by design: how China develops the developing world

Lies Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire


Confronting the China-U.S. Economic Imbalance

Economic Statecraft: Thinking About the Use of Commerical Actors in Grand Strategy

Coercive Complementarity: Integrating the Military and Economic Instrument Power

Thinking Clearly About China's Economic Statecraft  2009

Protectionism by China Is Biggest Since World War II. New York Times 10-2010

The Huawei Security Threat 10-10

Winning the New Cold War on Terroism 2002

How the U.S. Should Fight Its Trade War with China Big House of Harvard Business 10 - 2010

Office of investment security

War by Other Means

Chinese Dream Means US Defeat. Written by PLA Senior Colonel

Economic Policy . The Rising Trade Deficit with China will cost half a million jobs. 2010

Economic Policy Institute. Unfair China Trade Costs 2.4 million jobs in every District

China Stakes. SOE Corporate Governance: the party Comes First 2009.

The Party The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers. 2010

How and Why The Communist Party Helps our Enemies in the War on Terror

On the War on terror part III: Communist China's Support for anti-US Terroists. 2005

Communist Pyschological Economic Warfare by a professional propogandist analysts.

The Black Book of Communism

first of five above drag netted. drag next fourt, then create categories of thought. If I take a life it must be a good outline of research when I request for a soul

onto the second of the bad arses cite of collections

Espionage Manual 29 - CIA Research Mindset

China opens string of spy schoolschina tour s

China opening spy schools to have more intelligence agents

China opens string of spy schools

China opens string of spy schools

China steps up its intelligence operation with new spy schools

The Aspin-Brown Intelligence Inquiry:  Behind the Closed Doors

Strategic intelligence

Chinese intelligence operations

Our chief rival in intelligence wars

China Syndromes

China's Espionage Threat

No Room For Passivity In Fight For Free Media

CNAS: Make it Illegal for U.S. Companies to Aid Internet-Suppressing Autocrats

Citizens challenge China's authoritarian tilt

Beijing’s Control Freaks Reach New Level Of Desperation

Trade panel hits China’s import barriers


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