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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Attackers in Afghanistan wore US uniforms

  • why the USA is so far behind on basic diplomatic and paremeter warfare I do not know. Most likely lazy liberals.
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    along with that the bullets are rubber. So the impact to an RPG will implode it on contact. However, for a human or a jet or a helicopter (if the pilot is good and keeps the blades out of its trajectory) it is the safeste cheapest way to go for perimetter defense. German Embassies use rubber bullet... More
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    or you spend $200,000 for the anti RPG gun to ground radar machines. That rich folks have their ranches and homes for RPG's. Pretty simple they are set to see any incoming RPG at the gates then if any missiles is shot in the air they pin point it and shoot it
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    after just looking at the pictures the setting is perfect for two sniper teams to hide on either side. That could take out relatively if armed with a spotter RPG set and a sniper set. Anything. it looks like there are not any guards at all in the FOB. Planes are very expensive it looks like anybody... More
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    two snipers on guard should have stopped them after replacing set up after one minute. Even then if you have two sniper teams with spotters working the gate perimeters even faster. Let's see paying two sniper teams is about $300,000 a year or less. The six jets and fuel base we lost are probable in... More
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    woooa you guys have no snipers on guard how stupid is your General.

    The Rubber bullet allows enough time for the a sniper crew to assemble shots on the gates invaders. While also being able to dispatch a apache to finish any major threat's. These anti RGP guns are also trying to be placed on Apache gun ship systems. Which just takes less offensive bullets from the front gun and places it towards the two sides.

    The best part is I would not suggest this without a kill switch. Is that they can also be manded. So that after the anti RPG rubber bullet paremeter guns are used. You can point them at the human fence hoppers. To pin them down until they can be dispatched or run away. The weakness is the hack grids. The best way to usually do that is a cable line from area to specific bunker house.

    Mines will not cut it. As anyone can make an RPG these days and with the Middle east boarders being so pourus. it is best to prepare for the RPG rubber gun units. Which if need be can be used as full guns if intel says an invasion is comming. 

    For every life we lose in the field it costs us $400,000 out of tax payer paid insurance programs. The Libyan post horrible parameter set up security loss cost US $1.2 million. Which could have bought about 6 rubber guns units. When only two are needed for the front and back. With a two sniper set if you have two or one which just watches the rubber gun chambers. While also the rubber pepper spray that lasts for 30 minutes long enough to scramble the choppers. 

    I would fire our head security parameter guard. The Muslim governments will not allow us more troops. But we can place rubber bullet machines in our own Embassies. So long as they fire within our walls and not into the country. That is law, while also one set of rubber bullet guns costs less than the human life we lose when overrun. Which will happen. However, if you have a sniper and a rubber bullet team. It can hold back about a couple thousand protesters that are most likely going to kill in mob mentality until a chopper can get there. anti RGP and anti protest guns. 

    However, Obama Liberals will not place the rubber guns on the parameter case they would rather have our people die. Instead of possible hurt a protest. 

    The Rubber gun units stop RPG units and also can be used for protest. However, during protest mode, anyone shooting at the unit has to be killed via murderious intent to invade. Thus a sniper is needed to watch for assaults on the non violent arsenal.

    That is the liberal mindset. They would rather disarm the legal good citizens so when the bad citizens want to kill them they can without having the bad citizens die. Gun control, embassy security paremeter, and air base parameter all Obama liberal administration that has liberal mindsets of our folks will die before we kill the bad people. Same reason why the person in the Security parameter admin chair that was part of Dianne Feinstein's movement to take away automatic rifles from good citizens to stop mobs or gangs from entering their house or business with multiple shots to take down invaders. Was allowed. It did not stop gun violence. Just allowed for more petty crimes and more gang violence. As the gangs now know the individual can't stop a 3-10 man invasion cause we only have single shot small clips. 

    Because of the feline point of view with the liberal anti gun background in the security parameter seat. We have lost $1.2 million worth of personnel and today alone hundreds of millions in jets. We are sorry to announce from the right side of the table. That we wish to today fire the security parameter personnel. As she is unable to do her duties to protect the USA. The parameters should at least have rubber bullet mounts with enough projection and power to stop any threat until firepower or local military and police can  control the area or choopers can come in. Currently she is unable to prepare such a testosterone movement. As she is the type that worked with Dianne Feinstein to remove California's automatic defense systems from individuals who do not bow to drug dealers cartel's or foreign espionage agents demands. She would rather allow the criminals to overpower and kill our good people than protect us. Fire her. 

    Then proper drills with short intervals should be run. With the Local police and military to show up to provide support while human material and brain memory banks are kept alive. With of course secret back allowances for much more time so the terrorist can't grid out clockworking it. 

    Leaving the technology behind when base is cleared. For the liberal mindset. Easy simple RPG before leaving, mini tech bomb for specific programs, or just pure bullet to the tarrett tech area. Then again, anyone can go to a spy shop and a hardware shop and buy a motion detector and a camera system that can be attached to a computer that when it see's a specific image reacts with a specific program that causes a code to be sent to a pully that pulls a trigger. Not that hard. 

    As a matter of fact in Feinstein's regime. In her state, there has been fathers with little girls in the home that have killed home invaders with a gun. That have gun to jail for murder. And the girls placed in shelters because of liberals would rather have the invader rape the children and kill the father. That is 100% true multiple legal cases based on Feinstein's team's legislation with regards to gun control have ended up that way. Me personnel if it was me that had a case like that. I would go to her and say I know you shot the Mayor make this go away or big brother comes to replace you. 

    The reason why we do not have gun turrets is because of liberals. Who would rather have our equipment destroyed costing us millions and personnel killed so their babies and wives can never see them again. So some hopped up on heroin and poppies in the Muslim area gangsters can kill and mob together after a good night of smoking the hooka with poppie heroin on it as most times or embassy invasions are done by the major drug dealers at the hooka bars. 

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