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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Deletion of World Economic Seats of Europeans
"Today in the world we see a major 
issue with regards to Economics. 
The European world is allowing 
major immigration. However, 
the areas that are immigrating are 
not allowing counter immigration. 
This then has taken the economic
seats of Europeans in those areas"

Austin Colt
Journalist &
Investigative Blogger

Today's immigration laws are fascist towards European ethnicity's in the United States of America. While In the world we see a major epidemic trend for European countries to give up their economic seats to immigrants. However, we do not see that same trend in the immigrants home countries to allow European's to take their economic seats in equitable trade. This has lead to major European cultural citizen uprisings like OWS. Who where primarily made up of European youth. This is a major problem as each country is like a ship. Where there is a certain number of economic seats. Which can cause epidemic economic issues. If the ship is overfilled to the brim. Unless of course the countries job rate is expanding at a rate of percentage of immigration. Along with the unemployment levels of its citizens with regards to a normalized unemployment levels. Therefore if the economy does not expand at the proper rate. It will take losses to the domestic populaces economic seats.

The US economy is growing at a rate of 1.9 percent of the whole economy. ($149 billion each year)  With the US job rate growing at around 1% of the whole net populace yearly. (3.1 million jobs)  While the increasing trend of US immigration each year is about 3.6% of the US populace as a percentage of the current populace. (11.2 million immigrants yearly)
(3.62%) Therefore, the US populace as a whole is losing about 2.6% of its domestic economic seats to immigration. (8.1 million) This means that the current level of un-normalized unemployment will not get any better. As currently today, the US is in major deficit with an unemployment rate of 8.1%. (25.2 million unemployed) Where a normal rate for the US unemployment level is around 4-6%. (12.5 million through 18.7 million) This means that the 2% (6.2 million unemployed) of the un-normalized unemployment levels can see an increase of 3.6% (11.2 million yearly) lost economic seats each year. Until the growth of the US job sector out does the US immigration and current un-normalized employment levels. Which would mean we would need to be growing at a job growth rate of 2.6% (11.2 million) per immigration and 2% (6.2 million) as per un-normalized unemployment levels. Which means for the USA to not lose current European and native US economic seats we need to have 4.6% (17.4 million) job growth. Which after the first year of job growth and normalized unemployment levels. Then we would need to grow at a yearly rate of youth growth employment needs, plus immigration levels at a normalized level.

The US as a populace of European heritage, is seeing a yearly loss in economic seats (jobs) for their children. As shown through the labor of statistics of US youth unemployment  rate at 51% rate of all US native children Which would show evidence of why the majority of uprisings with regards to the current epidemic in economics was European children. Where they whooted themselves to be OWS. There is no another country in this world that is not European, that employs an immigration populace of Europeans at 16.4% of its populace. As the current percentage of immigrants in the United States work force is 16.4% of the US whole net civilian workforce. Which would mean at a steady growth rate of 3% increase each year in immigration. We would see immigration employment reach almost 50% of the heritage economic market in about 11 years. Which would mean our unemployment levels of Europeans in the US would reach third world levels if the US does not remedy the epidemic. Much like what we are seeing today in Afghanistan. Where their unemployment levels are at 40%.

The Europeans of this world need to take a look at their own immigration economics.
Currently the majority of immigrants coming to the USA are Mexicans. Which immigrate at the rate of  "62%" of all immigrants into the USA.  While the trend of birth rates is with the rising trend of immigrants and not its historical ancestors or any other country, ethnicity or migrant. As the inequality in US immigration has allowed "the number of Hispanic women in their prime childbearing years[...]" to enter the US unfairly towards other cultures.

This is mainly because the quota system that kept the immigration populace at a equality of race in the USA was banned Which now allows any race to over immigrate to the US more than any other. Which the new laws actually place emphases on immigration pyramid schemes. As there is no quota per each origin. For example, latin immigrants make up 62%  of the US immigrant yearly populace. But there is no quota for Czech, Poland, Austria, Russia or any other European nation that wishes to come to the USA. As a matter of fact if we look at the equality of immigration. We see that the latin community has such inequalities  as, 40% of Southern California is now latin heritage. Which as allowed through inequality act of  immigration in the USA to basically allow the "The Hispanic population [to] now represents the largest ethnic group" in Southern California.

This alone is an epidemic of inequality of immigration. Where European Countries immigrants request millions of immigration allowances yearly into the USA. While the US government does not even equate to the latin immigration for any other ethnicity except, latin's. To see this is a broader perspective we must define "epidemic". As to be able to understand cultures civil rights to immigrate at a balanced level we must have a bright line. Much like over 195 world countries have bright boarders Therefore, Epidemic in product liability is defined as "Epidemic Failure" means an identical fault of 10% of the Products delivered" Epidemic as defined by the CDC is "7.7 percent of the total,"
Thus if we look at the immigration policy of the US. No matter how you look at it. It is epidemically favoring one country. Where Mexico has only 1% of its total populace as immigrants from anywhere; yet alone a predominant European area of nations.
When the world has over 195 countries and cultures it is an epidemic that 62% of our immigrants come from one country. While the current death of all US cultures and economic seats are dying due to just one countries immigration patterns. Also this fits under an epidemic of death of mortality of other's cultures over a prolonged period of time.

Today there is an issue. It is not necessarily about white or black but is about equality; being fair. The world is not fair to the European cultures. Most countries are like Mexico with less than 1% of its populace as an immigrant workers or populace. (the US is ~43% of the worlds top ten migrant countries populations)  However, the majority of European countries are like the US with 16% of its working populace as immigrants. This is not good for them. As their children, shown in the US, are around 50% unemployed. Their deficits get bigger, the economic seats for their native populaces shrink. While the majority of them are becoming closer and closer to third world economies. The European cultures need to take a look at their hearts. Go home and look at your child. Think your head that in 11 years that fifty percent of our childrens future economy could be just like Afghanistan's. A waste land due to bad management of economics. With warring factions over the few areas of economies that are still operating. The United States and world European citizens need to take a hard cold statistical look at fairness towards their cultures. As in other countries cultural bright lines their are hard cold statistical facts. Unless the United States starts growing at a job growth rate of 4.6% of its populace. Statistically it is not a fare cry to see that lack of job growth and epidemic immigration patterns might truly vastly destroy European economic seats in the world. Not only on paper but in real life.

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