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Friday, July 6, 2012

Letter to Moral Waiver, its hard for a clandestine family made up of military men for me to be normal.

Today I am a convicted criminal. As a younger man I have had many run ins with the law. Sometimes being convicted sometimes not. All times having the recorded sealed, not guilt by rehabilitation and then another law repealed. However, I am still having trouble finding a job. I had a great internship. However, because I did not find a specific time I had an interaction with a police officer. Which was expunged so its not in the public court data bases where I looked. I was let go for not completed the report. I really want to go to law school. However, If my candor, moral turpitude and issues of civil rights fighting via political issues are to much. Then I will not be able to afford to take out the loans for school. Unless I can know I can pass the moral turpitude. Today, I do not hang out with any criminal friends, I did have a twitter site where I was going start mad because I have been unemployed for almost two years now. ~. But in daily practice, I am the type of guy who just wants to work and go to school. My legal issue is. I would like a professional consultation on a full background check for the hardest issue. Which is a secret clearance for the government, or and the consultation of passing the California Bar's Moral Turpitude investigation. I get $1400 a month. So I can pay or make payments for a good report. I can use for the rest of my life to properly fill out any necessary elements of my history. That I am not able to find on my own. So I do not again get fired or are not hired due to answering the questions wrong. As I did not know or I had forgotten. Please send me an email and help me. I really want to be an attorney.

Rider I
When I had my issues on my twitter cite I would direct them to the DOD and Intelligence community of the USA. So it may have sounded immoral granted. But when researching clandestine units, morality is not of the question. It is whether or not I was fair and accepted Democracy judgement on my direction. There has been black panthers that threatened officers and gotten into fist fights with officers. There are folks who have threatened to blow up our government because of civil rights issues. That all have their bar degrees. I know cause I have studied the cases. However, I do not threaten the government. I was immoral to those threatening my government and country. I have a civil rights battle to uphold the USA as a country and my country. That is where I stand on any of imoral turpitude issues. The only issues I had with an officer was an officer who was a rookie and told me his cousin was from my street gang as he had dealings with me to give me a red light ticket I did not run. My dad had to come out with a gun and state get you Lt General here now. The LT came out and did not press charges. But I guess its still on my record. There was no way in hell that officer was going to be standing there without an officer from headquarters and my dad standing there after that was said. That was eleven years ago but because of that man not liking me for working as a guard and calling police at my work on suspected people. My life is now jacked up, cause its on my record. I was told that everything was going to be dropped. And the officer investigated. Five years later I do not place it down on my list of civil rights issues. And come to find out I get a call being laid off from my position as I did not place the event where a police officer spoke like a gangster and not an officer of the people. So I did my own investigation. The officer was still working last I new 4 years ago. And find out he is a major par to of mecha and Aztlan. From his operations as a personal point of view. So I owe Aztlan major on that one. And my next direction of clandestine operations is at you baby. And the area I live in is corrupt and you can see it totally. So I have no problem proving it and have spent the last year gathering to fight for my moral waiver and why I did what I did. So if the Democrats come at me again like that. I come back and I take down the whole net via my one report to fight for my moral waiver. So please realize I want my life back and that stupid incident should not stop me. As I am a civil rights fighter for the rights of legal citizens. And I am cool, Aztlan gets the same treatment I got for the last eleven years. Research that destroys my life every-time they look at my crim record. Fair is fai, and if the Democrats play mean to me, and do not respect legal citizen civil rights fighters like they do illegal immigrants and subversives. Then I play ball. Cause this is logic war. And I have created a whole grid game that will place Republicans back in power in this area. If for some reason the Democrats go trying to stop my right to fight legally and peacefully. That is fair and it is legal political strategy. I kick your arses legally and properly. For gods sake the Senator in this area's brothers where killed in a Mafia style hit.

That is my legal marketing right there. "I KICK YOUR ARSE LEGALLY A ND PROPERLY"

So now I seak a warrior to properly research me so I can be candid with my questionnaire. And as the majority of reports I have read on not allowing bar is mainly due to politics of the day. So my political research is done. If I am granted my liency I will grant back and leave well enough alone. As I do believe in Democracy. I actually read a legal case where the left started attacking a young man with drugs and inciting him to be scared. So that he would get a major criminal background. However, he was able to prove it via connections of actors of aggression to his civil rights to direct political lineage. Cause they knew with his family and his international contacts. If he became an attorney later on in life he would be a major intelligence warrior. It was a great case. helped me prepare my strategies for the next battle in my life. My logic charges are ready and my grid back uped, and I am ready to go. Even if I dissapear in chump charges game or otherwise. It will be played out as per my will testament. My i cite is clear of who I am and I am want to be a legal and proper investigator. I understand the clandestine and I plan to work major international economic games. So I needed to know how the clandestine justice core worked.

And the case that is similar to mine was the same. When I say charges I do not mean criminal or otherwise. I mean specific strategies like logic bombs. Ready to go off legally and properly. Cause my plan is I am going to have to take very small American business. As our major corporations are being outsourced and our smaller ones are being sanctioned and tarriffed so as to destroy their industries for a monopoly controls. So its going to get rugged and the US is going to need some down and dirty legal and proper major international economics attorneys. And as a matter of fact a child hood incident was pretty set up. To where I was placed in a hall with another kid that was also way out of his way to go to the program but well known in my neighborhood. There was about ten different programs closer to me. That I could have been directed to go to but the Democratic holder of the list o mania of that program I found out. Placed us together. Which then lead to me falling into the wrong crowd. Which any Criminal justice teacher will tell you. If you have a harder core and a possible leaning. You do not place them together you separate them if they live close to each other. It was pretty peculiar. As we had to ride together and naturally we would become friends and I would have been drawn into that crowd completely. If it was not for my attorney pointing out the situation to me. As he researched the lineage of connection. As he is an opposition civil rights fighters attorney. Then a rich man from Germany, An African from Africa, a Latin from Montengro, came to me and the attorney left and they said you need to take ten years and rethink your life. You are something that is predicted in this world and you can go the dark path or the light path. Take your time and chose. Then I saw how again the Democrats got involved in my last relationship with this woman I loved and pulled her into darkness away from me. Specifically with people that came into her life and again had major ties to Democratic party espionage units. And both sides came to me after my Leadership to join their political parties. But again I lean right but try and stay moderate. The last few months I have gone pretty crazy to see how it all works. But I got the buttons down and think I am ready to enter the tower again. So lets see what happens. I either get in here or I go to Africa or Montengro or Germany and take my writing wars there.

and now this is what I see

That is something I am going to attack either way. I will let the Democrats grid stands if I do not need to use it for political strategy. But the juvenile politics of criminal directors is something I find horrible. What happened to me and the Democrats moving me in ways like that. SO I have sent a letter requesting assistance in the matter to see if I have to go internationally to gain my legal and peaceful abilities. My twitter cite is done with as I used it purely to see how the clandestine agents worked as I drew in foreign hitters and directed. So now I hear back in a couple of days from the warrior. To see if he can help, if in the US its helpless, or how much it will cost to secure my study sheet for filling out candor and candid information. 

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