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Friday, July 6, 2012

Organized Crime's or racist organizations attack on folks financial abilities.

Legal Brief unpolished.

Today I have a serious issue in my life. I am not able to find a job. The only job I was able to find after school was a job where they only hired criminals and they abused us. By not paying us or taken our vacation time. Thus creating hostile work environments. Which then the employer was able to make it look like it was our fault. As we had criminal records. However, my record should be clean except for government and security positions. As per the California Civil Code 1786.18.  (a) "(7) Records of arrest, indictment, information, misdemeanor complaint, or conviction of a crime that, from the date of disposition, release, or parole, antedate the report by more than seven years." The current violating party is the Superior Court  Website Where the Superior Court reporting agency has violated my civil rights for the last three years. [Jurisdictional issue I am missing Superior Courts have to follow State legislatures laws, case law, code, congressional, stare decisis, and common law]

According too "2003 – Sporn v Home Depot - Plaintiff Service – Orange County (CA) Superior Court – Ruling upheld in Appeals Court Violation of Privacy. Improper access to credit report. Plaintiff discovered that Defendant was accessing his credit report repeatedly (12 instances) without permissible purpose, Defendant continued to do so even after agreeing to stop." The violation of constant access to court report or as per that ruling credit report is a violation of my privacy rights. This furnishing of information and constant access by the public. Has violated of my civil rights and has seriously damaged my ability to earn or obtain a good career. Along with that according to "2006 – Wickremsinghe v Jayaremsinghe - Plaintiff Service – San Bernardino County (CA) Superior Court – Appeal in Action Failure to remove satisfied judgment. Plaintiff claimed reputation damage, loss of credit capacity and increased out-of-pocket costs. Court found in favor of Plaintiff in the amount of $172,000. regarding increased out-of-pocket damages." The courts inability to failure to remove the judgments can and does cause major harm to my life. As per the law any person who violates the statute is liable. The defendant the Superior Court is furnishing my criminal records to the public.

As in "In that ruling, Hope v. Pelzer, the Supreme Court held that the critical issue concerning qualified immunity is whether the defendant official had "fair notice" that his conduct was unconstitutional. The Superior Courts are not immune to the litigation and punitive damages of the state laws that are being broken. Especially as they also enforce the law in their own practice and are well aware of the specific violations. This shows they have more than fair notice of the law and its constitutional nature as per
 Showing that they follow the seven year rule for their employment. However, they are violating my ability to receive the same civil rights as they afford their own employees. I think it is an open and shut case. At minimum I think it is worse $15,000
"1785.31.  (a)
"(1) In the case of a negligent violation, actual damages,
including court costs, loss of wages, attorney's fees and, when
applicable, pain and suffering."
Actiul damages are impossible to prove. So I have to stick with the bright lines  of negligent violation. Which is easy to prove. Negligent violation I just have to show the last three years it has been reported yearly on my consumer criminal
report from the Superior Court.
"B) Punitive damages of not less than one hundred dollars ($100)
nor more than five thousand dollars ($5,000) for each violation as
the court deems proper;" Which means if I can prove for three years negligent
violation happened. I can collect a minimum of $5,000 for three years which is
$15,000. "
However, as per Dr Finder's belief the cases could be worth a lot more. As I have sent out thousands of resumes in the last three years. To almost all the major companies in my area. Where they can do a simple recent criminal activity search as per open source on Court Reporting agencies. And see way past my civil rights statutes protection. I believe that this has caused me irreconcilable damage to my life and my career. And thus would like to receive the amount of $50,000 a year for each year they violated my rights. As per my college resume, with 6 College degree's, and my political career as a College Senator. Has all been shot down, due to a Superior Court clerk who is not properly doing her/his job.

I believe we have the cause of actions in state. As per Nelson v. Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., 282 F.3d 1057 (9th Cir. Mar. 1, 2002) "Congress created a private right of action for consumers cannot be doubted. That right is to sue for violation of any requirement "imposed with respect to any consumer." As "15 U.S.C. § 1681(a)(1). Section 1681n provides: "Any person who willfully fails to comply with any requirement imposed under this subchapter with respect to any consumer is liable to that consumer [...]" The evidence showing the cause of actions are violating my civil rights; has been stored in camera and paper and electronic databases. While I have also found a professional Analysts who has worked cases on the same Superior Court for the same reason. It is my belief that with this kind of strong evidence. I could get a basic attorney contingent fee. As the case seems to be open and shut. The violation has happened. They have been sued before. I believe they will settle the case. As I am unemployed due to this specific violation of my civil rights. If not I will be working with Dr. Finder to help me find one of his attorneys he has worked with to find a contingent fee contract. My prayer is to receive compensation for lost career credit damage. While also obtaining the removal of the two specific older than 10 year criminal charges. Where one was expunged and via my political connections. I was able to get the other charge repealed as I thought it was a bad law. That is why I violated it.


I am not an attorney and am doing this for my own research. As per my statements at the top of my cites stating unprofessional nature.

Battle of the Cal Civil Code e §1786.18

Ok evidence is preserved, in case the my cousin is reading this the President. And sends his espionage unit who attacked me and created a counter force of enrichment for me to undue what they did. I have preserved it. Letters have been sent requesting warrior help. As it is a open and shut case, I have found case law on the same court doing the same thing before. And cashing out tons of money. Where I am not greedy and do not need litigation and am more than willing to settle for $200,000 -$300,000 if need be.

Ok I sent my civil rights racial and family lineage issues to the Republic. As they are the muticultural party. And the Democrats protect the racist institutions like Mecha, Black Panthers and other racist socialists. And I also sent two attorney one Republican and one non political very educated attorney on the matter a request for council. So if I am threatened. I will send my Uncle who is a General and my brother who is clandestine letters to deal with those physically threatening me. I have sent out thousands of resumes over the last three years. To have almost pretty much every major company in my county. Look at an open reporting agency that was violating State laws. So basically my job opportunities in this country are fried because of it. As they most likely have their basic open source search on file.

As a matter of fact the only job I was able to get. Was working for an abusive employer. Who only hired folks with criminal records. So he could blame them if they fought against him not paying them or taken their vacation hours or for creating a hostile work environment due to stolen wages and vacation time issues. That he did to every single employee he had. Except the 17 who left before he could do it to them.

The evidence is preserved in a camera storage system. So the last three years I can recieve my compensation for violation of the law. As again I sent out thousands of resumes. But as I did hr before. The frist thing I check that I do not have to say anything about is the basic court open source data for recent within seven years. But this is ten years. So ex post facto I am taken three years extra punishment. Under law I get compensated up to $900,000. As some case laws I just read. As the length of time it was up and as many resumes as I have sent up. Have probable burned my chances for a job in this area completely. Leaving me without probable years of compensation. As per Supreme Court laws that have upheld such violations that are obviously negligent and willfully as per the three year mistake rule. 1st year maybe a mistake, second year pushing it third year is willful.

Issued law:
§ 605. Requirements relating to information contained in consumer reports [15 U.S.C. §1681c]
(5) Any other adverse item of information, other than records of convictions of crimes which antedates the report by more than seven years.

State enforcement law

1786.18. (a)
"(7) Records of arrest, indictment, information, misdemeanorcomplaint, or conviction of a crime that, from the date of disposition, release, or parole, antedate the report by more than seven years."

Violation the Superior Court is reporting my criminal record in violation of  State law. Where it it has been more than seven years since the disposition. This is affecting my ability to obtain a private sector job. It is my belief at minium I am entitled to $15,000 in damages for three years of action taken against me. With negligent actions. However, possible with deeper research willful action may be able to be compelled.

The worst part is now a civil litigation employment lawsuit will be on my record too. So I will have to try and get that case closed and confidential Or the issues of the past actions will be easily reported on the open case law cites there. 
Currently I have on my open record to private employers. A DUI that was expunged and a weapons possession that was repealed. Both are over ten years old. However, according to the state agency that is currently reporting these they are violating state law. So now I have to sue them to get them to stop reporting it. My record should be cleared of only on traffic ticket. One of my other traffic tickets was taken off. However, the others where not. So that means I need to push the issue with the courts. This means researching the case law, form law and litigation law. So that my record can be legally sealed from normal job applications. That are not Federal or enforcement in nature.

That is important. As I can't get a job. Most folks see two misdeamonors whether guilty or not, or politically strategized to repeal as I thought it was a bad law or not. They will not hire you.

State enforcement law

1786.18.  (a)

"(7) Records of arrest, indictment, information, misdemeanor
complaint, or conviction of a crime that, from the date of
disposition, release, or parole, antedate the report by more than
seven years."

Superior Court is breaking the law as a reporting agency public-ally open to all to see.

Next up case law to see if I am correct.

Then next up form law to prepare for action and battle for my civil rights.

key terms is a state court a reporting agency under definable terms, can an injunction be placed on the reporting agency for violating the law. Is there any penalties I can collect for the last three years they have violated the law.

As one of my incidents was removed as per state law. But the other's where not as per state law. I have looked into the person's seat who opens the cases after 7 years to follow state law and remove them. As my family members who are hispanic have had in this area. I have found again she is a Mecha girl. And more or less probable is discriminating against me. So I will sue for the courts non oversight of her duties. Especially as I am well known as a multicultural pin point for racist whites and latin's in this area that attack me and my family. I have already sent the word to politically have her removed as my part in this country is still dominate.

This happened to my grandfather too. His mother was a half blood Navajo Indian and his dad was a full blood German. My grandmother's mom was also native american either that or her grandmother. I still am waiting for the heritage lineage from my aunt who has American Indian rights. I just found out I am only a 32nd I need an 8th to be cool. My step mom is cool I was just told she has fifty percent. My dad said he is only a 16th which is a quarter away from an 8th. However, his dumb but told me that his mom also is Indian lineage as his dad is. So I am thinking you put the two together you get an 8th then I am a 16th, eh? I am cool again.I have to figure this out if he is an 8th he totally gets cool access to lands and peyote time. He was known as the half bread growing up. So the KKK and Mexican Military both discriminated against him. However, his dad was a total cowboy and folks respected that they may die or worse have US military take care of them. So this woman is doing to me again. What has been done to me by the Democratic party since I was a kid. As the Democratic party in my area is run by a very racist Chinese woman and a Mecha Man. 

So I have to attack her. Three years each time she opens up the case load to properly issue the civil code deletion of 7 year reporting issues. She has gone over my cases each year and attacked me economically and financially because she most likely has a list o mania of people in the area her elder of the mecha gangsters does not like. Cause my grandfather did not like gangsters, racist or foreign military insurrectionists. So i want her fired or I go down the pyramid of her pryamid and issue my brother who is also muti cultural and full dead man for the USA. The hey these gangsters are playing attack your baby bro. 

You can't pick state law for those you like and then federal law for those you don't. As based on your racist view point. As my cousins who are Hispanic have had their records dismissed as per the law and review board seat. Yet me because they think I am pure blood white due to my name and most likely this arsewhole who has contacts to this woman who is doing this to me. As he seems to be a total criminal oppressive type. and I know a liberator. I am a really nice guy. I waited three years. To say anything. But after three times its a conspiracy. Her schedule maintance of my case as per her case load and review time each year. Is passed third time is the charm. So I know it is what it is.

I just found a case that says for each vilation of the state civil code. One can sue for $50,000 in damages based on a yearly average rate of pay they are losing for lost jobs. As the legislation is trying to remedy recividism. So that means her actions where yearly, that is three actions so $150,000 then I can settle for lesss and I can pay for lawschool.

Their picking on me. big bro. Three times is obvious I call on the third time. Please verify my research before moving for hallow table of very close lineage to our liberators.

brother they being mean to me. it hurts my ability to create a family. You left yours for all of us but Iam the last one in our line of lineage to go on. Bro I need help

and if I am wrong I am sorry. But it is just research I have done while I was riding my skateboard around and scoot scoot looking into possible racist conspiracies from CISEN.

and for not allowing me into school in a fair manner to get my graduate degree by forcing me out through bureaucratic. Mecha lost its man illegal immigrant tax dollar fraud person. Just to say I mean business. I will never understand this institution that supposedly fights for my people's rights as American Indian's. Attacks the biggest American Indian family and clan. So I do not see it as it is I see it as CISEN's arm.

you can dance with me if you want too but I am ancient in this world and in this land. LIke I am stupid I file a petition its granted. But the seat that is supposed to grant me admin permission does not do it. And the person sitting there was a Mecha member. So I attacked back. You take a year out of my life from not going to school. I take a year from yours. So .... I do not what to do. Well darling let me get back to you on that. very methodical and slow about it.

Need definition of consumer reporting agency. To Define the Superior Court under it.

Nevada (Enacted 1993) "Definition of "consumer report" is specific to credit reports although definition of "reporting agency" is not limited to credit."

Declaration that California Superior Court follows the law

"the consumer may require the consumer credit reporting
agency to delete or correct the item or items of information within a
reasonable time."
1785.31.  (a)
"(1) In the case of a negligent violation, actual damages,
including court costs, loss of wages, attorney's fees and, when
applicable, pain and suffering."
Actiul damages are impossible to prove. So I have to stick with the bright lines  of negligent violation. Which is easy to prove. Negligent violation I just have to show the last three years it has been reported yearly on my consumer criminal 
report from the Superior Court. 
"B) Punitive damages of not less than one hundred dollars ($100)
nor more than five thousand dollars ($5,000) for each violation as
the court deems proper;" Which means if I can prove for three years negligent 
violation happened. I can collect a minimum of $5,000 for three years which is 
Loss of wages is difficult to prove. They could say that an open consumer 
reporting agency. That allows any public to see their criminal record that is violating this law. Would not affect their employment. I can argue that obvious the statute was created to stop the discrimination and the loss of wages are an obvious affect of not following this legislation. Then sue for $50,000 a year. 
I might actually be going to see power about a class action. As I have looked at the group of my friends and saw all the white kids who got copped. Still have it reported by the latin's who got caught together are no longer on there. They all 
told me they don't know anything. I am the legal person in the friend group. I 
said ok then it obviously the seat issue. 
"An action to enforce any liability created under this
chapter may be brought in any appropriate court of competent
jurisdiction within two years from the date the plaintiff knew of, or
should have known of, the violation of this title, but not more than
seven years from the earliest date on which liability could have
Statute of limitation is 7 seven years so I get all three years. Plus it is still on my record this year and it says must file within two years. 
So the hard part is going to be. Figuring out how to commence the case for my own. Then find a class action attorney for me and my fellow Europeans and multicultural Europeans who are being discriminated against. 

And as I know criminal law. if this is a big class action lawsuit. I will push for hate crime conspiracy to commit crime against a group of people. By a specific group known as Mecha. 

I think I just found out how I am going to pay for school. Monday I am going to see some Republican 
attorneys. To see if we can settle. So we do not push for criminal hate crime and class action litigation. Before they can remedy the situation. Then hope the next two years nobody press class action litigation. 

I should have sued for hate crime when that officer pulled that stunt on my life but My Lt in my area lied to my
face and said it would not be reported and it was. So I settled on oral agreement. I did not know he lied until
five years later I am being fired for not reporting an incident. That was not supposed to be reported. And for some reason I never received paperwork on the incident they reported me on. So I could file charges against
 the officer. The worst part is that was not the first time the Latino Officers Union or plain out Mecha as only Mecha Members join the Latino officers union. Have before told gangsters things about me and how I am an upstanding citizen in this area. Which specific officers in that union where named when the Gangster was 
calling me names and stating that the officer said you are part of white power. Which again, I am Tungva
 indian and have more interracial friends than anyone. So I have no European or American Indian Police union to speak to. I just have to deal with Mecha bullying. However, thanks to me not being scarred as my family is military and has been for generation. I spoke with Generals and those that hurt my family and threatened my ggranny where dealt with. I should not have to feel if I speak with my neighborhood knights. Cause an issue has become epidemic. That they will send in a Officer to tell me my cousin is part of this areas criminal gang, or send in criminal gangsters to raise their voices at me. Like my family does not get hands on in the international warfare and will not seek justice by military tribunal here on those matters.  This time I will have to attack and will use the full force of my political powers that be. My dream to make me whole after three years. As I have an excellent resume college academic background references. However, I could not and can't seem to find a good job because I have an open reporting agency reporting on two misdeamnors that are expunged and repealed and are violating the reporting laws of older than seven years as they are ten years old. 

With my education of 6 college degrees my speech and debate, Senator Ship, and excellent variety of 
research certificates. I should be making $50,000 a year. So my dream is to get anywhere from $100,000 to $165,000 with all three years and three actions at $5,000 an action. So I can pay off my school loans. Then it will drop me to $70,000 in the bank. By my Ranger Pick up takes me to $60,000. Then take out loans and 
go to school. And make payments on a small condo. Which I can then sell after school to apy off my debt. 

However, if they can prove hate crime. By simply looking at some Hispanic cases and then looking at some 
European cases. I might be able to get as much as $200,000 settlement. Which is easy to do. I mean you pick out a group of Hispanic cases with seven year or older cases and then a group of Eureopeans randomly and do a test run. We could also do a investigation on the young lady and her family or friend contacts. And I can easily prove with the records of the police and his cousin as per lineage reports of birth certificates. That this 
is not the first time a Mecha club in this area has decided to attack me.
Then I can join the screen actors guild too and hang out with the cool folks. And be on the big screen like Client Eastwood.
I am also losing the right to see if Employers are using open source data against me on my FCRA rights.
This is also a federal law
§ 605.  Requirements relating to information contained in consumer reports [15 U.S.C. §1681c]
(5) Any other adverse item of information, other than records of convictions of crimes
which antedates the report by more than seven years.
case law
"Court case files are public records and subject to public inspection. California Rules of Court, rule 2.400(a) states that all papers in the court files may be inspected by the public in the office of the clerk. Rule 2.550(a) says that unless confidential or sealed by law, all court records are presumed open."

The law states that after seven years the records are sealed to reporting agencies. 

"Rule 2.500. Statement of purpose
c) No creation of rights
The rules in this chapter are not intended to give the public a right of access to any record that they are not otherwise entitled to access. The rules do not create any right of access to records that are sealed by court order or confidential as a matter of law."

Rule 2.502. Definitions
" (3)"The public" means an individual, a group, or an entity, including print or electronic media, or the representative of an individual, a group, or an entity."

Rule 2.504. Limitations and conditions
(d) Notices to persons accessing records
(A)Use of such information in a case file is permissible only to the extent permitted by law or court order; and
B)Any use inconsistent with proprietary rights is prohibited.

The records at issue are supposed to be kept confidential by law. As per the Superior Court following the law in its application of searching for employees. While also in its own administration it states that laws forcing confidentially of reports are to be followed. Thus they violate.

Rule 2.503. Public access
(a) General right of access
All electronic records must be made reasonably available to the public in some form, whether in electronic or in paper form, except those that are sealed by court order or made confidential by law.

" Inspection bureaus, companies that sell information to insurance companies and assist in performing background checks, often are considered CRAs as well. Tenant screening and check approval companies are also considered CRAs.

FTC Warns Background Check Mobile Apps May Violate Fair Credit Reporting Act Regulating Consumer Reporting Agencies

FTC letter to Reporting credit agencies.

violation of furnishing information to consumers. That violates the FCRA

courts records check.

I think this might be a ridiculous law. Here i mean a law that states that you can't use a person's criminal record past 7 years to hire them or for financial reasons. Yet you can look at it at the court system that his open to all and use it simply stating there is a malfunction in this area or code law that is not doing what is needs to do. In my industry all paralegals know how to use the court system and every single job I apply for sees my court records. Without an investigation committee. and it is my belief they have violated the color and purpose of the law.

There and thus for the laws is stupid if the law is not also applied to furnishers of records. Which are violating the 7 year law of no furnishing to consumers past 7 years. As the open source information can easily be seen to be furnishing that information to all consumers. Issue of Furnishing. Whether a Credit Reporting agency or not, as defined by law Credit Reporting agencies are any investigation burea. Which that is all the court is. They investigate create reports and then furnish the reports to the public as an investigation burear that reports on your character credits.
If the idea is that after seven years the employment law as per  state can't ask you about your criminal history. As it can't be furnished. Then you have the issue of then why does the investigation, reporting, and character credit judgement institution of the Court's do it.

Does this make sense to you. A law stating state. That you may not use 7 years past history of a person to decide on finances or employment. Yet the courts seem to think for some reason the public needs to violate this law as consumers of their free reports on their investigations. For what?? obviously employment and finances. The issue then becomes the idea of closing cases after 7 years. And again, I am finding cases that have been removed from my open source investigation by the courts and moral character judgement reports. Yet, the major ones that are misdeamnors that I was not convicted for as per legal and political strategy are still there.

the Ninth Circuit
Section 1681s-2(b) of Fair Credit Reporting Act Creates Cause of Action for Consumer Against Furnisher of Credit Information   consumers could bring a cause of action against furnishers of credit under the FCRA.

Nelson v. Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., 282 F.3d 1057 (9th Cir. Mar. 1, 2002)"that with these words Congress created a private right of action for consumers cannot be doubted. That right is to sue for violation of any requirement "imposed with respect to any consumer."

"Scholars of state court behavior have long emphasized the importance of state environmental factors as influences on  state court decision making"

"The reason- ing is that justices are motivated to maintain their seat on the state high court--they may need to set aside their own policy preferences in  order to retain their seat (Brace and Hall1995; Hall 1995, 1999, 2001; Langer 2002)."

"judicial decision making should be conditioned on whether the justices must face the public for reelection."

appellate courts could overturn political strong arming tactic

appellate courts n federal n state law 9th districts fight for state logic. argument based on reporting restrictions end game solution

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