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Friday, July 6, 2012

The California Trust Act, A law for civil rights or a CISEN Espionage move.

I am not an attorney and I am doing this for my own personal investigation.

The California legislation just passed a law. That allows illegal immigrants protections that not even legal citizens have. Which is the idea that they may now not have their legal citizenship status. No longer does the California law allow officers to check fingerprints for those claiming to be illegal citizens. So they can check international databases of illegal immigration offenders. The law itself seems to pray on the idea of racism. As the idea that when somebody commits a crime. Whether stealing, killing, littering, robbery or loitering. That the checking of a legal id is a racist event. Which is based around the only reason why they are being checked is because they are a specific race.

However, the law as it is states a police officer may not check a person's id. Unless they have probable cause, or reasonable suspicion. This means that a crime has had to occur in the area, or they have to look like well known criminals that commit crimes. When doing certain actions. The bill does not go over the idea that you may not just stop somebody because of their skin color. No. That is not what it does. What it does is takes a simple civil rights issue and then destroy's a basic defense from espionage ghosts from being allowed to exist. As a law that would be direct such a civil rights issue would not destroy the idea of after the stop and they have no id. The ability to id them and see if who they are.

If the legislature intends to stop racism in profiling. It would have looked to the current laws that already exist to stop such profiling. Which are already a staple in law enforcement nation wide. However, they did not wish to solve that. What they wished to solve for was stopping the ability of the police to id a criminal. So lets take a Scottish illegal immigrant. If this Scottish man commits a crime, the police can no longer check his fingerprints to see if he is a illegal citizen. As that would trigger the national immigration database system. So now the fingerprinting of a person who claims to be an illegal is now illegal. As all US machines in the policing system are connected directly to federal databases called the NCIC. Which is then connected to all enforcement agencies. So if they do fingerprint them. The Police will be violating California law.

As such that means every-time the California Police find a criminal with no id. They will be breaking the new Trust Act law. As all machines are federally required to be tied into the NCIC. Which is then tied into every major policing agency. Which allows for the best quality of stopping crime. So all agencies get notification of any event on a criminal. So that they can all see it. So now the California Democrats wish to destroy the Federal database that stops crime as a cooperation networking of all agencies together. Which they wish to start driving a pin through the cooperation of all agencies to stop crime. Which as the Immigration database has a major core core of pedophiles. As Mexico government kicks them out sometimes literally driving them to the boarder. The NCIC allows for all police agencies that do fingerprint to id non citizens. The ability to see multiple issues. Where now the California Democrats wish to stop Immigration agencies who keep major databases on international criminals hiding as illegal immigrants.

If the root issue was stopping racism or racist profiling. Then a simple new program going over reasons why officers pulled over the criminals would suffice. However, this new legislation does not address profiling or even racism. It purely addresses the idea of policing institutions working together to better society. Then the main core reason is because that illegal immigrants do not call the police. As they are afraid they will be deported. However, if they commit a crime .They will be deported. This in itself is a circular reason. Trying to solve for helping illegal immigrants criminal's to call in by not allowing them to be fingerprinted for deportation. Is the idea of saying that illegal immigrants. Who left a country where they could have 5% unemployment, great schools, welfare, and family. To illegal come with drug dealers and sex traffickers to another country. As if they are already not the type of people who commit crimes. They do not call anyway. As they rely on the same folks who got them hear for justice. Thus the major issue of gangs and crime. The idea that these illegal immigrants would ever call the police is reality never will happen. As they really on the illegal community for funds. So the idea that this will somehow destroy the whole illegal smuggling by CISEN and the illegal business that employ them. Is fallacy. As if they call the police the criminals who employ them. Will see them as what is known as rats and stop employing them or protecting them. And the majority of time the illegal immigrants. Have family back at home that the espionage units use as force to puppet them in their insurrection movements and conspiracies.

What good does it do to stop Police from fingerprinting criminals to id them. It is a Federal misdeamnor and a state misdeamonor not to have an legal id. To an espionage family this law is ridiculous how obvious it is for its purpose does not meet the issue. This law will actually create a bigger criminal populace. Who will feel protected by the idea that criminals can come to the US. And the international immigration NCIC part that collects their criminal records abroad. Will no longer be allowed to be accessed to see if they are foreign criminals or not as that is what the immigration part of NCIC does.

Lets look at the key issues they try and solve. They wish to help illegals gain communal protection from police. So they feel they will not be deported if they call the police when a crime is committed. Even though everyday they commit a Federal felony and state felony known as illegal employment, and tax fraud. The next issue is racial profiling. So to stop racial profiling the main core of the legislation stops fingerprint NCIC cooperation. How does this play into racial profiling. By the time they are in the headquarters to get Id'ed. They have already committed a misdeamnor and at that time are with probable cause that they are committing tax fraud and violating employment laws. There are over 10 different types of laws that a police officer thinks right away that you are committing if you do not have legal id. 1 Terrorism, 2 Drugs, 3 Gangs, 4 Sex Slavery, 5 Illegal immigration conspiracy, 6 Espionage, 7, Fraud etc. So then the officer has probable cause based on statistics that those who do not carry id are trying to hide a major felony. So then they have to take them to get id'ed. So that criminals can't hide easily based on no id. No need to know why I was committing this crime or around a possible area of criminal activity. The officer then takes them down to the fingerprinting area. This is to do many things. One is to see if they are a legal citizen with a record. The other which this law stops. Is to work with the Immigration databases to see if they are an international criminal. No matter if they committed the misdemeanor of no id, or a major felony. Now the California Democrats made a law. Where if Police work with the NCIC immigration database or report them as found as illegal immigrants. They are breaking a civil law.

The constitution is very clear. It states that you can naturalize if you birth here. Legal law and constitutional directive was that. Immigrants here that are not involved in crime or criminal activities. May stay here and give birth so long as no interaction with officers of the government due to criminal activities. Now the California Democratic party is being unconstitutional and saying that only violent felonies can activate the deportation of illegal immigrants. Which then means as no country takes violent felons back to their country. Especially not Mexico. That basically we can never deport an illegal immigrant in California. If they commit crimes everyday or not.

So lets look into the root issue of this law in reality. The reality is that there is a major espionage clandestine unit in this world that primarily works on taken up 80% of all of the United States of America's immigration populace. Where CISEN has a specific agency in their clandestine units that deports pedophiles specifically to the USA. So now the USA as we can only deport violent felons. Will no longer be deporting illegal pedophiles. Who are hear illegally. The basic reality is the bright line is violent felonies. Which is an obvious CISEN funded line. As the US knows that countries do not take back violent felonies. This is a well known law in the immigration community. Why would CISEN clandestine units do that. That is because pedophiles make great slaves in foreign lands especially illegal immigrants. As they know their home land securities forces know they are pedophiles and make great illegal industrial anchors in areas. So the Democratic Party of California is telling the Californian People. That they will no longer deport Pedophiles back to their home countries. So then Clandestine agents world wide, can start to send them to the USA. As the majority of countries in this world do not have this fake reality of civil justice and are pro reality war and what is is what is.

So what we see now is the Democratic Party of California destroying the California Justice system. First they are driving a wall between international immigration records and local fingerprinting. Then they are telling the international community of espionage agents, military personnel and those who drive the force of immigration. That California will take your criminals and keep them and not deport them back. Until they commit a violent felony then your local federal laws in your country will stop us from deporting them. As no country excepts back violent felonies. If the local country has allowed the illegal immigrant to become that bad.

The Senator's that are driving this force of allowing destruction of our justice system cooperating together and deporting criminals. So as not to create a heaven for foreign militarizes exporting their criminals for insurrection and espionage warfare. That the US is now a heaven for the worlds criminal populaces to be deported too. And again the US is the only darn country that does not export its own criminal citizens. Every other clandestine agency has a department that works that out for espionage and insurrection conspiracies.

Evidential research
Military videos of Mexican military dropping off pedophiles on US boarder after deportation. We picked them back up and re-fingered scanned them.
Research on clandestine warfare and how countries create insurrection. Iraq Syria pure immigration war.
Reality that the US has a very high population of illegal pedophilia immigrants already. 

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