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Monday, July 23, 2012

Letter to the California Republican Convention strategist.

Dear Republican Party, 

We are currently looking at a party that has less than 30% votes. Looking at a population of almost half of the state as latino's who are in favor of illegal immigration. While I am looking at a party that is asking $400 for the weekend for Republicans to come and be with their representatives. If you look at the California Democrats Convention. You will see an emphases on the young and the generations who will actually get out and do the foot work for the party. As opposed to the stinky nose idea of forcing $400 for a convention. As this will destroy your youth's populations draw that will do the majority of your foot work. The Democrats get tons of Sponsors. Yet the California Republican party looks like it is run and set up by a bunch of rich snubs who just expect the Republican party to have all rich members in it. This is a losing strategy and really does not go to the target audience you need to be going after. Which is the work hoarse of the party, the young radical Republicans who are poor and want to fight the Democratic system that is keeping us poor. I can't afford $400 for the weekend. Let alone really the $70. As the gas to get me there will be a lot along with the traffic. This is not to mention that I do not see any sponsors that are going to be sponsoring the College Republicans in the states fairs and travel expenses. So the youth can get together through out the state and speak on expanding the foot work. What I see is a lazy snobby plan for a convention that seems horrible planned by a rich person who is not thinking about political strategy at all. I personally think you should fire them and hire me. This strategy is what kills our party. We need to look to the youth. Along with that this idea that we constantly place an old Republican face on the party is not very appealing. Youth and new voters we need want to see someone vibrant and energetic. No offense but Carly Fiona is just another Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstein rich woman with to much money and no real face to the Republican party. We want a change, a young Latin Man, an African American man, not the same face from the Democrats just saying they are a different color. On top of that I do not see any strategist being invited, or any real events for fun time party building. I see some boring old faces with really probable nothing but who ha I am rich vote for me style lectures. Which would bore the hell out of any new voter or moderate that we need to change or that the College Republicans if properly courted with sponsor would bring. I am sorry, young Republicans want to hear young vibrant strategist, that have plans to attack economic policies, that have planes to retake Hollywood by getting more of our national and international elders to invest in young Republican writers and actors. We want to see a vibrant California, not the same old Barbara Boxer old face and Carlio Fiona take offense not really changing much if we vote her in. Still a rich woman way out of touch with the folks who need to be touched the most. This strategy sucks. You should hire me I am young a radical Republican and have the biggest blog cite on economic warfare, espionage and extremist leftist. That is exciting that is fun, that brings party enthusiasm. Not you must pay $400 and you have no job as we have 11% unemployment. Our party is only at 30% and losing, lets make it worse by being snobby. Get a clue, you suck, you need new strategist. Hi I am old Fluzy rich butt. Pay me $400 to come to our party convention. I did not do any work to get our youth or really in need party members any sponsors to gain more votes and more party strength. But hey come give me your money cause we are losers and not very good at strategy. darn this is sad. You should hire me to kick you in your butts. 

Kochy going to give me a billion dollars to win. I have my slogan already. Its going to show California balance sheet going into a surplus and me pointing in the air, saying just my first name cause its cool. I will win and trust me you I will kick the hell out of the Communist Chinese international competitors as I am no Diane Feinstein with the Wangy Corporation in my booty.

Then I marry Meghan McCain and I be like my hero John a Political gigalo just for her though.

Then I will propose for the most perfect political light show in the most perfect romantic political strategy ever. Then the Republic will take California and kick Mss Wang booty Feinstein out.

Then we have a big wedding with all of our friends and international allies. And a major celebration as we win the state and each day papa spends collecting intel on our deficit issues. So I can balance the budge by fighting and directing DOD to blow the hell out of any competition especially Communist Chinese killers or espionage agents that get in my California business people's way.

Then I would get me the best three international WTO law schools and direct them to work my cases in an overload so we could prepare light shows against the unfair competition against my people's and my empire.

Then Mss Meghan would give me some big babies at the perfect light show while California was birthing a new economic revolition

thist state. We have two females and the pro fighter is completed developed with the wrolds biggest opposition to our economy teh Wang Corporation and way to tied up to fight properly for her's by doing what I do and calling shots for whats necessary and getting down and dirty. The whole state would just call me papa as I supply the new surplus and new wave of high emotions and feeling good of the economic high wages and great life.

I think it would be perfect Meghan McCain is the perfect liberal for the state and I am what the state needs in a well documented espionage and military agent of direction and necessary heavy handing for our economy. This state has watched 240 business a year leave do to foreign international anti trust violations and nobody heavy hands its and goes espionage to espionage or proper wto light shows to wto light shows to keep their people employed and state filled with income taxes and quality of life by human feeling of productive.

Problem is that me and Kochy would probable get into it with a few of Meghan's liberal ideas that I would have to do as she is my future babies momas. 

She already does political journalism. She would just be doing it for the state and she likes to travel. So I would not be the Boxer or Feinstein type Senator that never leaves California. I would never be here except for meetings with public to help them export their business. As I would have to compete with the CCP's political representatives in the development of the world via exports. As exports take a state out of deficit, not cutting taxes or raising taxes. 

I think the liberal part of San Franscico would really pull towards here. And I think the neighborhoods filled with poor and hard up folks would really pool towards me. While military types could easily see my work with the direction of this government for the last two years. It would just be Wang Corporation and Mss Feinstein who would be the biggest opposition. As even if I was donated a billion dollars Wang Corp could out due that too. 

The first thing I would do is set up an international export program for every single political entity in this state. Where I would bully a proper look at each county and how their political Representatives try and better help their business exports to areas that need them. I would just go around and by no BS. I would rate political entities base don their ability to help their area gain political business representation. If you a horrible leader your a horrible leader if your good then your good. Shepardizing is not for all the fouls who can make folks think they are popular. 

Cause I currently do not see either political party throwing quarterly export political representation meetings for their communities. 

As a matter of fact I am really thinking about chewing some folks butts out. As forcing folks to pay $400 a person is not a good strategy. As Fiona has her own money, and individualizing forcing out the small worker folks of the party, and then cool handing the individuals for a simple $400. Instead of looking to corporations for sponsors for future donations and a proper strong hold of do-national line of supply. We should run for college students and the future wave. The Republic's old Reagan face does not cut it with kids, they want to see the radical arse whoopers of today, young men and woman working hard and producing for their party. 

I think I could get the whole convention to vote on strategies. Of sponsor and student activist or foggy elder's going to sit in give a donation and most likely not do any of the foot work to get the moderate votes we need. 

What a single individual will do for $400 is probable once. While the student activist with proper sponsors for future projects. Will donate hundreds of thousands of dollars of their time. However, the heart and soul collection of the Republic seems to be lacken. 

That is what my strategy would be called the heart and soul collection for the Republic. This idea piss me off more than ever. Seeing my fellow youth activists yet again left out of the heart and soul collection. By forcing $400 for a weekend of fun and hanging out. 

Another idea is to have another convention cause this one is a failure and has been failing for the last three years as our votes slipped to less than 30%. 

The convention is the rude of the year. Where the party gets rude to the other party and they show what they got and rude it up. this is rally cry. bringing the elders together with the College and youth is a great idea. So they can feel the elderly direction and the elders can feel the youth's energy. But $400 a month is going to really keep a lot of activist out of the program. Now if we had major sponsors for the youth, to get all of the college republican parties together with the elders. I think it would be more energetic. 

The stuff is good, but the most activist I believe will not be there. So having a way to get the information out to them is a great way to. For example, having specific representatives to go out to the areas to do miny conventions might be good too. As obvious getting sponsors is a problem. Cause it would be better to have a core strong convention with many sponsors and youth partying with the edler's so as to get the energy going. 

My first thought when I heard my party only had 30% of the vote and has gone done each year for a while. And the Democrats had 40% with the other's independant. Was we lost them some how. Community involvement, things like $400 for a weekend plus cost of hotel and driving expenses will lose your major moderate voters and those who want to come but can't afford that price. Something like sponsors or someway to get waivers for folks that are less paid the worker bee folks is a great idea. For example you take a middle age activist which the convention seems to be aimed at. Who goes to work daily maybe comes into contact with a few people at work, and then maybe a few people during the week. Then you take a poor student activist who comes into contact with thousands of students at parties, conventions, outlets, classes. You get the different of the payment of a vote. and what voter workers can cost and should be drawn in the soul and heart collection of the Republic. 

The heart and soul collection a program from young activist and students signed up with the party to come to the convention on the party. 
I mean even then when you talk to a middle age person to a young person. It takes a lot to change a young person's mind. I mean good feelings, proper environment the whole brain neuro marketing science of it. The idea that youth changes youth minds by being cool and going places and being active. However, middle class who can afford the $400 not realy active not going to change that many of the 20% minds who are prodominantly college kids still un neuro marketed for politics. 

The heart and soul collection of the Republic, should be young conservative muscians, sports activist, artist, speech and debate kids, the dancing republic kids, the kids who set trends. those should be your key marketing at the convention to draw into with the elders. So they can see that they have elders and the elders can see they have young minds. 
I mean Snoop Dog is a Republican i believe. So is one Republic I believe. So you know they could do a show one night for the college kids to see that hey, Democrats market us as old foggies who listen to country sad songs. But that is not true we have culture and class too. 

How about getting some movie stars to come in and speak a draw on root media is great, but in all reality if you had a proper star it gives more shine and energy as their personality is great. For example if you are going to speak on Economics get Bernake this is California, or Green Span both Republicans. Get somebody you know. This is California and we need to do a major overhaul of our community draw roots. 

This is California we need to do it. I mean of course costs should be low for more marketing in the campaign rush but still. 

Clint Eastwood will come in for free if the tea is there and somebody will listen to him blab about media cause that is what he knows. And he is cool and Republican. That's a California convention. Clinton Eastwood is hardcore he will tell you suck like me and explain it. 

For example what is Carla Fiona doing. I am not even running for Senator yet thinking about it and I have meme testing's as I do each year to keep my name and likeness in the social media conscious for my Galactic senate run. 

For example, is Fiona helping any companies export their products, working with programs to start business, done anything, or is she really even running. I have not seen one sign of her accomplishments. It is like the Republic is just a elephant stuck in the mud. Come on now this is california politics, we meme all the time or we lose. Arnolds meme was great so great he barely campaigned and won. 

As a matter of fact Client Eastwood could run and win for politics. just purely on meme and his likeness of being a tough man that puts it down for his. 

Has Carly Fiona funding any songs with her names in it, looked at Fiona Applegate for helping her create a new single. To meme her name, or even helped a movie star that looks like her in a staring roll. 

You can see my likeness in movie's at least once a year. Last year it was Mad Men, and songs that sing about my name in subciouns subliminal likings. People love it as they have head it since I was ten years old. Something they love hearing my name and seeing my likeness. Which means when i go for galatic senate it makes it easier. 

and I am not talking about blunt Carly Fiona outright no that is to much to far away. I am talking subtle hints about it you ricoing it, massaging it wining and dining em, foreplay of the mind. 

For example its easy to meme. I once paid a taxi driver to pick up a specific low end manager. Who was very eager and just lost his girlfriend and needed a gig. To be delivered to a bar where a specific really good no name band was playing. As it met my years needs for social conscious meming. Then like I predicted the manager who had nothing to lose worked his butt off from them and they went boom. 

I did not get no money out of it. But the meme cost's to me is uncountable in future root cognitions. As a galatic senate position will be controlling trillions of dollars in industries and major heavy duty space weapons. Which I have already had my hands on working on in secret clearance duty. I can't get money out of i I tried it and it kills the whole thing. As the secret force behind the nurture seems to create  magic force for the key meme I need. 

For example Carly could be a name in a movie that she produces for tv. Maybe it catches on maybe it does not. But that is how you win. and I do not see the Republic doing any meme's for their warriors. 

For example meme's in college i did to get a vote where very similar. I paid the jazz dj to play a song once a week that had my name in it. So when I went to run for Senator it was an obvious vote. 

you people suck I am really good at tracking meme's and the California Republican party acts like it is in Nebraska, not like it in the heart of the world's biggest meme state. 

 Dear Republican Convention, 

My last letter was true to my heart. Titles given in upsetness I can prove it. The idea that we are running another woman who is exactly like the two woman in power. Except for she is in the Republic. For example, we have had many years to show a light show against the Democrats in the Senate. Yet year in and year out the only Republican light show or meme I see in this state. Is my own, for galatic senator. I do not see any light grids, actors, trend setters or any Republican elder who really cares about the community and the party. Except for the fact that they are rich and think they will just dump tons of money at the time of the end show. The show is not all at once, it goes on forever. Has Carli Fiona invested in any movies that would be a great Republican iconic light show and also meme her for a run. No she has not as far as I know. As I do not see her meme anywhere. Has the Republican Party done it for anyone except me as I have asked my international Republican elders to do it. No they have not, as the local level's run the California, let me say that again the big California the world's trend setting state, as if this is some back woods convention. With costs way to high and some events. 

This is upsetting. I would like to place to a vote a new strategy for our conventions. At this year's convention within the strategist ranks. If I may please let me know, and yes I am rude, but you know what. I am so tired of this state being in debt, and watching rich folks like Fiona run who really do not show any care of a light show for any other person's business. Does she work with other business to export or help them build, does she work on development programs, does she work on international banking issues. No I do not see here doing anything. Feinstein and Boxer are always in the media. Each time I am like ok where is my parties elders to rebut their light show. Nowhere, cause you know why you are sucking. When I say sucking I mean not doing well in a mean manner. As I am very poor and doing way better than y'alls million dollar snoby dress and snutty. I love you but darn do something in the light shows. 

Signal corps civilian branch

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