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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ranger School Considers Going Co-Ed

My response to this article:

I do like Woman in the front lines. However, the Movie GI Jane with Demi Moore is not always true. There are some woman who can handle the physical requirements. Which is fine. However, the majority of men can't even handle the requirements for Rangers. The Rangers have already started dumbing and weakening down because of female presence in the military tribunals. Where the Rangers are no longer Called RIP as it is to bad a word to say Rest in Peace. Where a lot of the physical requirements have already started to be weakened down so the female's with their femine desire to be men, have started preempting attacks to allow females in the Rangers.

The Female requirements to joint he military are already less than males. Along with that the physical requirements are also less. The females also bunk and shower in their own houses. So unless we plane to complete degender baise the whole military I do not suggest we start with our special operations teams.

World militaries have female own side training. Communist China, Iran, Russia, all allow woman into high front line Miltiaries. Except they are trained by female instructors for female issues. As they are physically and mentally different in combat than men. For example, the basic sent a woman gives off when she is in trouble is a pure pheromone scent that is proven to cost lives in an immediate fire fight if the female is in dire need. Where the men should think with end game results to save the whole team and deadline first. The pheromone the female body gives off when it is in trouble does cause mental problems.

I am all for female's in the front lines. However, if we are going to debiases our special operations. I suggest we get men and woman bunking together, showering together and for the most part getting descentatized to both's basic human nature, like pheromones before we just go hey. Lets weaken the requirements for Rangers, as per Female request and pushes, then rename it so its not so scary. Then lets them in. No I am sorry. Root work first if you want it done properly.

My suggesting to the females who where born with an extra y gene. That is forcing them to push for this. Is you work your way up like everybody else. When woman and men can bunk together without requiring natural pheromone and scent bodily and mental reactions. Then when men and woman can shower together without thought of bodily fluid exchange or intra group love traingles for female scent, pheromone addiction.

Then woman can become entangled in male training special forces. As Russia and Communist China do not intermingle the sexes in spec opts. As love triangle's and pheromone results will hamper split second warfare and decisions making. Gun fighters work in mili seconds. A females pheromone is enough to case the brain at least 5 seconds delay in thought when scared.

As a matter of fact in espionage or special opts intel. We actually use female's reactions to situations for phenomenal attacks on targets for intel collection. Where female targets are targeted to cause male reaction. So as to gain the end game we wish for. Which is 100% I use and reality. Rangers are physical spec's and should not be dumbed down because of female extra y genome brass syndrome.

We actually understand scent warfare so much so, along with inter male female physical warriors. That we have been able to watch whole foreign special operations woman start ovulating at the same time and have done normal city tests on the areas they live in and reside to see that natural impacts of dominate female warriors on the men in the area during those times. The study is amazing, on inter mixing female spec physical warriors with male.

The emotional side or intel side is also a great worry. We only pair up males and females that their scents and pheromones actually intel q mix. Which means yes, certain female pheromones with certain male pheromones will cause harsh situations in split second intel warrior needs.
We have also caught KGB and foreign espionage agents pushing female male spec opts mixes. So they could use the same kind of gender warfare our intel branches have been able to prepare in case we need to encounter the new bread of female physical spec opts in mass droves, or the best one is when we have practiced using one female warrior in with a small group of special operators. Which the whole mental aspect of the group instead of being based on on target leader is the leader. Really becomes who the female likes and dislikes and the group will react instead of male bounding to the female's emotional political game fair.

Studies are there, the female Brass received them. However, again they are doing what we said females do. Which is make it about them. If they want their own fine. However, US military roots and foreign military roots are very weak when females are scented with males in mass droves. Without precious phermonal work being done to make sure the couples or groups mix well.

And it is going to come down to that as Female brass is forcing intel's hand on the matter of how bad our roots are with regards to phermonal warfare and descentizing in our military ranks. I can tell you right now. That if you just keep weaken and dumbing down our physical military specs, it will cause pack issues and tribal centralization around emotional politics, instead of bravindo manly, or in their own thing female dominance.

If you want equalization you have to work for it. When I can see a pack of hot and heavy killers sleeping together, showering together smelling each others butts without getting wet or girly daddy hes the tribe leader instead of the brass that is supposed to be, or when I see men in a fire fight not look down every five seconds at a female as she spews phermonal heat into the air during a special operations we can't fail here. Then sure, but right now, the root work is horrible off.

It is one thing we had to let in guys who like the smell of male butt and the feel of ripping someone's butt open into the issue. However, it is still not a phermonal issue. As men's butt stink does not put out phermonal issues in the air screaming for scent help.

I talked to guys who where really good and went private opts. Because they allowed in guys who like men's butt smells and ripping mens buts open. In when they had to shower with him. He would get aroused when males would come into the shower room. So a couple guys quit and would not tribe up with a specific man who liked to see a man's butt bleed when they needed to feel like they where ejaculating their sexual desires. So that three man tribe is now one of the best private groups we have.

With ladies. I think over time we could dumb down smell and scent if they showered together and bunked together. Or at least worked a lot harder on phermonal warfare. Before placing them into spec opts with them. Especially as the physical spec opts. Is not like intel spec opts. Where we specifically coupulate pheromones for if we go female male. We know their genomes, smells, actions cycles and we now reactions upon scent fo specific issues.

And a lot of the woman are already on the front lines. We have a lot of intel spect opts females do great on their own and when gendered coupled. So the idea is then if we had to weaken RIP then not call it RIP anymore. Then already issues have arised. We do not need to weaken our military so emotional politics can play in. We need to do it properly. First and foremost, descenting is necessary.

We see this issue in local PD when Female officers are involved in packs and tribes, and it is way heightened in straight man killer tribes Rangers, Green Berrett's and dark opts. Personally, I think if you want it you have to do what the others do.

I do not like the idea that females have to do less to get into the military. So fine I know woman who graduated the military and wanted to be in the front lines with the men too. I am fine with it, but as an Intel I am telling you we are not scheduled for that pick up, and we are weakened in that area, as our root framework is not ready.

Along with that the ladies that are in the front line do not get front line pay. Which is wrong, if a lady is working supply or collections she should get front line pay. But phermonal warfare in physical spec's is not up to intel phermonal warfare enlightenment.

  • May 20, 2012 2:16:52 PM
    and yes friend there are branches of the military that allow you to quit once you get past top security and you are in major area's of warfare.
  • May 20, 2012 2:22:26 PM
    In it makes no sense to me why the men have to shower with the other men who like to ********* inside of men's buttwhole's. But woman who the men who like to ********* inside of them can't shower with them. Makes no sense now does it. Personally, I am a bible pagan, and you know what I think. But hey if you want to get all Romanisk and go butt rumpers with men making babies in the same military. Be fair about it, that butt rumper gets to see my butt I want to see naked female butt. Rider I
  • May 20, 2012 2:24:43 PM
    OK - please try to follow my simple logic. Let's create a military that is gender blind - in other words everyone gets the same opportunity to be in any role if they can perform the role to the highest standards. Now let's consider the NFL - do you think any owner cares about gender when it comes to football players? No, they simply want the absolute best for each position. The same is true for NHL, NBA, etc. So in these three sets of organizations, males can outperform females, and I don't think there would be any arguments. If a female kicker came along that could kick 60 yard field goals, she would get the job - not because she was female, but because she was an outstanding kicker. In the military, we're not talking about "entertainment" like sports. This is life and death, and there are no mercies given by our enemies. If we want to have the world's most lethal military, we absolutely must never lower our standards for ANY reason. If anything we must always strive to improve and become better at everything we do. Politics should never determine the readiness of our military. Sadly, it may be inevitable. But I am certain our enemies are laughing and applauding our foolishness.
  • May 20, 2012 2:25:15 PM
    There is this one drill sergeant who was great and her breath smelled like female. And each time we got yard time or weekend time. I would think about her and *********. I so thought that the one guy who we all knew was a butt rumper got to see full memory storage of ours. Why could I not see her's. not fair. Rider I
  • May 20, 2012 2:38:27 PM
    You want them in special operations you place them in my showers and in my bunks. Then you tell me how us boys feel with butt rippers in our bunks when we sleep at night. Plain and simple you want to play miss Brass extra Y genome then lets play. It is our believe folks play nicer and better when properly bunked and trained. That means if your killing together dying together. It is an issue of who can deal with a butt ripper, a female pheromone and who can't. Shower em in bunk em. Tell me if rape cases, and inter military triangles do not start destroying our military. If not after the proper lengthy test period then start phermonal interaction at front line spec training. I would prefer their own team. I am telling you right now. That the military rape, and emotional sex is a major issue. With a huge majority of woman already being bunked seperately and housed seperately complaining about sexual misconduct. reality, Butt rippers Phermone's Men are men just truly you will never be able to tell certain men that it is ok for another man to dominate or think about dominating sexually a man without them being very mad at the issue. Me I just tell them I am good and you will see lucifer if you think about my booty. Butt hey I know its sexy.
  • May 20, 2012 2:39:25 PM
    Really? Has the US become so PC that it has to indanger military units by reducing the standards so as to allow females to try out for a place they have no business in? I tell you what, let's just go ahead and use whatever toilet you want to, if this actually happens I believe service members need to boycott the school until it returns to male only. Females have no place in certain schools and this is one of them. Thank God I retired back in 2005, I feel sorry for people having to deal with the (New) PC Military, it has weakened us as a nation. Thanks Obama, hopefully you are a one termer.
  • May 20, 2012 2:40:15 PM
    My personal favorite intel descenting idea was. When the lady that is being partnered with the number lifes gone is ovulating, cycling. You make the man stick is nose in her private part until he no longer wants to mate with her during peak times, or no longer wants to leave her far behind as possible when cycling. I thought it was great folks said maybe not. I voted for it at the table. I said I.
  • May 20, 2012 2:41:39 PM
    drop your drower's stick your nose in there, if you apendage gets hard you have failed. You will learn not to want to rump your partner when she is in get me mode. You see that dripping blood stick your nose in there and when your thoughts are no longer of running far away and you can deal with it you pass and get a go card.
  • May 20, 2012 2:43:22 PM
    the nay vote that said we do not want to make our men lose their best and really only enjoyment when a number which is the smell of a hot in get me mode target or dominate targetting on RNR. As it would make him lose appetite.
  • May 20, 2012 2:45:47 PM
    If this happens, all male service members should boycott until they reverse the decision! Do that and they will get it!
  • May 20, 2012 2:49:14 PM

  • May 20, 2012 2:55:34 PM
    no shower no bunk no train. Way I have always voted and my research in phermonal warfare proved my thesis. If they want to be hard. Then they meet man standards then once woman start meeting standards at an issue. Then it is woman and man standards. Till then they want their stinker butts secure in their own bunks and own showers. Then I want them secured out of my training for my men. Pure and simple. Root work before allowing foreign weakened phermonal warfare.
  • May 20, 2012 2:57:43 PM
    of course I know some units are working on it. But just going if they are not doing it yet fully as a military whole. Then how in 7 seven layers bean burritos with queso don fartia can you all of a sudden go ladies get your stinky butt over her with these men that are going to stink, sleep shoot kill and hurt with your for two weeks straight without a proper root cognitional acceptance of the two stinkies.
  • May 20, 2012 3:00:58 PM
    If a lady can't do the same amount of push ups. or if a ladies feet can't handle the run fully as historically we should be pushing forward in strength dominance not what is going on now where it is going backwards in testing and physical fitness. Then no go if she has a female issue and bleeds shes out the war will not wait for her. The woman are with it I have buddies same thing. They say any time anywhere. Which is cool but standards should not be dumbed down.
  • May 20, 2012 3:03:03 PM
    if the female species can't evolve to keep up with the male species. Then we leave them behind. As male species in foreign countries are not de evolving and loosen reg's and strength requirements because of stinky butt emotional politics. We move forward we never leave them behind but they need to push it not through emotional politics. But straight forward action pack strength training beat out the men being picked fair and square.
  • May 20, 2012 3:05:34 PM
    all the regs that have been taken aback and the name that was taken down after historical usage. All should be placed back and who ever pushed for weaken and dumbing down hardcore killer instinct in Rangers should be backlashed. We advance, woman can catch up. They are able to, we do not slow down in a war where everyonce else is passing us by.
  • May 20, 2012 3:07:54 PM
    Some of our best operators are woman in the black opts but that is because of pheromones and female issues. in Rangers it is about strength agility speed and the ability to deal with long term pain. I believe woman can do it. But so far all I see is political drama and killing our physical evolution of our men and woman too. lol the crazy one 5,000 we out R1
  • May 20, 2012 3:30:38 PM
    one last statement when the de reg's and name change came through for Ranger School, folks where really mad. Not at the fact we new that butt rippers and stinkies where coming in but the fact that we are not advancing physical inertia and elemental evolution of our physical military specs. really upsetting that we have to devolve to emotionally political up. As Russia and Communist China's spec opts are already physically and mentally way ahead of Rangers.

of course intel miltiary and physical miltiary are two different stories from the start. You place a computer in front of a ranger the so called worlds best. And they could not even tell you where a satellite was for a connection to a specific grid to hack a terrorist cite. Where as Green Berret's old reg's should be Rangers new and GB's should get new. We have de evolved thanks to emotional politics. So stinkies and butt rippers I hope you get mad and red faced when I say if you can hack it I do not care what your butt smells like or how you want to place you apendage or tongue. I just care about my opposition getting stronger and you make us weaker. So if you want it stand in line sign the petition to get the old name restated and the old regs updated to advanced new world spec opts.


Rider I
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