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Friday, May 11, 2012

Meet the California Lawmakers Who Are Enabling the Marijuana War

my response to this article:

The idea is real easy. The things that folks have on their side is. 1. it will increase crime. 2. That there is no way to regulate it. 3. That it will destroy the black opts markets needed for foreign funding against those who wish to destroy us with weapons. 

1. Increase crime. Well out of the 70% of California population that uses the plant as medicinal for stress. I would say that right there would drop crime rates by legalizing it. Along with that we can easily see the prohibition analogy. Where alcohol was the biggest reason for crime then after it was legalized it became a normal nuisance of crime instead of a major national wide criminal trend. 

2. There is no way to regulate it. That is not true breathalyzers that take breath molecules and test the level of THC like the breathalyzers that test the Alcohol level in your breath are already created. Along with that we know exactly how much weighted person can intake before becoming impared. While blood screens are also a very good way to tell specific levels of THC. 

3. The destruction of black opts is not true. California alone proved that allowing a minimal amount of legalized medical marijuana. Which still does not even place a dent in the major other 65% of the criminal industry. Has generated billions in tax revenues. If we actually went full scale with it like bars it would actually over increase alcohol taxes. Where a lot of dark operations currently are allowed to get taxes for foreign anti terrorist wars. 

The idea is easy. In ancient times marijuana was considered part of political Democracy. Where the plant would be burned before each political conference on how to peacefully fight for each tribes ideas of governance to advance human kind. Along with that in Common sense hemp was written about being the main crop that helped the US beat out the British. While also a staple. While many other books speak about our forefathers going to bars and going through the same Greeko Roman tradition of hot boxing during political discourse before public displays. Marijuna is a staple in this world. It is just the Hurst family attacked the industry. As it was a competitor to their paper mills. As the Bushes themselves create more paper material as per density than a tree does. While building material and military materials and clothing materials all are able to be much cheaper, mass quanitied, and much healthier for the environment produced, if we where to mass produce hemp like the Owls of the George Washington and BF, and TJ did. 

I should know I worked for one of the law firms that pioneered the legalization of marijuana. As i had been doing studies of it since I was a kid, as I was part of dark operations to destroy terrorist cells in the US. I think we should legalize it and control it. Currently it is a controlled substances for the pro US Democracy dark operators who need the funds to fight foreign illegal industry invasions. However, again, if it was legalized it would create most likely trillions in taxes. But then again, it would destroy the idea of cutting down our trees which filter out more carbon dioxide than the bush. Even though the bush produces more productive material per pound. And it would make it harder to fund such anti terrorist operations. However, on the flip side terrorist also use the industry to fund their wars. So it really is a cross cancel when it comes to black opts funding. As US legal Black opts under guise of DOD. Could easily operate legal spots. While it would actually make it harder for terrorist to operate as the illegal industry would wither and die. So again, we win on all fronts. I know as I am the shadow in the dark that has kept this law going. As the major force against it is the black opts. But again, we win if we legalize it. I can easily open a shop take my funds and use it for anti terrorist opts, while stopping any terrorist from being gable to use the industry without being under DOD and proper legal guise. I used to take pounds upon pounds and deal them so I could fight against terrorist. Boxes of money just directed to pro American tribes or what is know as gangsters. It would be much better if we did it legally, as then we could License to Kill and legally still own our funds. 

Rider I

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