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Monday, May 28, 2012

Communist China's Confucius Religion in United States Public Grammar Schools. 
"The violation of Separation of Church and State
is a major deal to Christians in the USA. Many 
Churches and church goers would love to see
the Philosophy of Christ in our public grammar 
schools. However, President Obama has 
allowed Communist China's Confucius religious 
philosophy into our public grammar
schools, but not his own"

Austin Colt
Journalistic Blogger 

The Separation of Church and State is based in Democracies constitutions. The United States constitution does not directly state that. However, the Constitution in the First Amendment does state "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." This backbone of the United States's 200 years of cognitional teachings. Has thus been created through social morals of individual consciousness. The Pilgrims fled European religious persecution. As they wished to worship God in their own way. While John Locke who was a very influential scholar in the United States cognitional foundations documents. Bases the fact that states where not able to properly deal with religion in a manner fit for non persecution. This is the idea of individual consciousness is discriminated against once religions and state are entangled. Thomas Jefferson reiterated the same idea's. Which was thus placed in our constitution.

The United States Supreme Court also states that Seperation of Church and state is the right of individual conciousness. In Everson v. Board of Education, 330 U.S. 1 (1947) the Supreme Court found it unconstitutional to force other tax paying religions to reimburse a catholic established public grammer school program. Furthering the individual conscious right set by our social and constitional values,
Engel v. Vitale, 82 S. Ct. 1261 (1962)  found that any kind of prayer sponsorship in a public school was unconstitutional government sponsorship of religion. While in Epperson v. Arkansas, 89 S. Ct. 266 (1968) the court decided that it is unconstitutional to favor a religion to stop a teaching of evolution. Then in Lemon v. Kurtzman, 91 S. Ct. 2105 (1971) the US Supreme Court sets out a three part test to regulate the First Amendments separation of church and state clause. Which is defined as:
"1) the government action must have a secular purpose;
2) its primary purpose must not be to inhibit or to advance religion;
3) there must be no excessive entanglement between government and religion."

The social morals of our country along with the cognitional law set by our Supreme Court. Shows that the allowance of religion in our public schools violates the basic right of individual consciousness. As the allowance of one religion will cause discrimination against another religion. As we currently see today with the laws respecting Communist China's Confucianism. Which is being allowed into our public grammar schools. As today we see local governance laws respecting Confucius over any other religion. We see the religion of Confucius being treated in public grammar schools like William Winsor Elementary Schools in Greenville Road Island. Where the respecting local laws allow the public grammar school to have a myriad of religions philosophy books in their libraries and lectures  While Christian, Muslims, Buddhism, Jewdaism, or Paganism have laws prohibiting the exercise of their religion in our public grammar schools. Especially, in Winsor Elementary School. That school does not have a educational area for the cultures of the Middle East's philosopher Mohammad, or Europe's philosopher of Jesus. That is just one of a myriad of local and international violations of religious Democracies. As President Obama's administration religiously persecutes other religions in favor of the leftist leaning worlds religion of Confucius. As shown with the First lady meeting with public grammar schools that are going through the religious indoctrination of Confucius. However, the First Lady, nor any of President Obama administration meets with public grammar school indoctrination for any other deity that calls for sacrifice or prayer.

The Allowance of Confuscism seems to be a discriminative move by a leftist leaning President to place a leftist country on a pedastal of friendships. Much like the deities statute and ideograms that is prayed to by Confucius Church and religious followers.  This is very appalling to the Christian community and other religious or cultural philosophies communities. That are not allowed into public grammar schools. We see hundreds of Confucius churches not only in the USA! To name a few:  But, also in Communist China and throughout the world. With over, 6, million, world citizens considering Confucius to be a religion. The Deity is Confucius. Thus the religious dimensions of Confucianism more then meet Federally Defined Laws on Religion and Church. While the  As the Confucius Churches have prayer areas, as do any church. While the deity has been a religious icon, since the begging of Confucius as "at the order of the Duke Ai of the State of Lu, who commanded that the Confucian residence should be used to worship and offer sacrifice to Confucius."  In furtherance, many scholars have written books on how Confucsim is a religion.

Today our secular public school system has become "excessive[ly] entanglement between government"  with a leftist religious state sponsored religion and our public grammar schools This is because the leftist Communist Chinese have sold the religion as a communist philosophy and not as a religion. Then this passed President Obama's Administrative Educational Legal Department and Harvard Cultural Friends. As all the Communist Chinese Party members go Harvard. As the government actions see the religion as secular. However, it is not secular as a secular cultural institution would not have used the deities name Confucius, nor the temple ideograms, shrines, or prayer alters in the cultural teachings in our public grammar school classes. Religion  has been implemented into our public schools. As our own culture of Christianity is not allowed to place prayer hands, the deity of Jesus nor his name, let alone the ideograms of our churches or pews. Which are represented in Confucius books and lectures in our public grammar schools.

The primary purpose of these government funded religions programs from Communist China. Is to advance leftist leaning religion in our public schools. The programs do not teach Chinese culture. They teach Confucius deistism and prayers. When they teach their writing skills, it is of the deities Confucius thoughts. Along with that when they teach their heritage it is of the ancient deities prayer rituals or chants of thoughts. While other religions can't get any public cultural or philosphy time to teach religious democracy children. These confucisious programs that use a Chinese Emprorers professed deity. Much like Roman Emperor Constantine professed Jesus to be a deity or the Persian Emperor Professed Mohammad to be a deity. Seem to have a substantial entangelment into our public school systems and local politics, of goverance. Where many schools have taken large amounts of dollars and given specific allotment of children's time and conscious thought to the religions deity of Confucius.

In the US is it is a wonder that no one has made an outright legal claim, for their own culture or religion. As President Obama's leftist leaning entanglement with the Communist Chinese funded religious programs Confucius. Has received many laws by the State Department, Education Department, Department of Justice respecting the religious deity of Confucius. That religion is something that has a deity, a church, a follower group, and usually a bases of teaching along with chants, praise and rituals. Confucius meets every single requirement to be a religion. Along with that if the program wanted to secular it would not have used a religious ancient deities iconic name. President Obama's administration has violated the most sacred of ancient United States rights. Which is to have individual consciousness in our public schools. So one religion or philosophy with a cultural deity that one prayers to, sacrifices too, and follows ones teachings, religiously, is not placed over another. President Obama has violated the first amendment!

Today the United States has not changed much over 200 years with regards to teaching religion in its schools. The only change we have seen is President Obama and his administration violate social, legal, and equatable rights of every citizen. Today, thousands of persecuted religious individuals run from their countries to come to the United States of America. To practice religion freely without persecution or involvement from the public state sector. However, President Obama and his administration have found it their will to make laws respecting the religious groundwork of Confucius. While equatable prohibiting every other religion that wishes to do the same thing. Thus showing the administrations discrimination to non leftist leaning religions.

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