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Monday, May 7, 2012

Disparity in California Caucus

Dear German American Business Caucus, Irish National Caucus, The American-Scottish Foundation, French Caucus of the United States, American Assocation for Italian Studies, Albanian Issue Caucus, The American Australian Caucus, Society Friends of Belgium, Congress of North American Bosniaks, Bulgarian American Society, Croatian American Society, American Chamber of Commerce of Cyprus, Czech Pioneers in Colonia America, Danish American Society, Estonian American Fund of History, Finnish American Society, American Hellenic Progressive Educational Progression Association, Hungarian American Association of Washington, The American Scandinavian Association,  Latvia Americans Who we are, Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, Lithuanian American Community, Inc., Luxembourg American Cultural Society & Center, Macedonian-American Organizations, Order of Malta, Moldova Foundation, Monaco USA,  Netherlands American Society, The Norwegian American Historical Association, Polish American Society,  American Portuguese Society,  Romanian American Organization, United Russian American Association, American Chamber of Commerce for Slovakia, 

I am sitting here in a state that has no representation for the people who mostly fought for this great nation to be a Democracy. While the majority of other cultures piggy backed off the German American ancestors in America. The majority of heritage that has died and fought for rights, against the King of Britain, the Southern Non market slavers, and most all other international wars we have had is the European Caucus. However, in California my people have no voice as a majority caucus or table for its citizens. For example, today we find that the Latino Caucus has been able to conglomerate and work to help the Mexican government further push drugs and illegal immigrants into our communities. While the African Caucus fails to deal with their areas of high dense poverty and very dense criminality. Why California European ancestors get the blame for all caucus failures. When we are not even conglomerated together as a Caucus. 

I first of all growing up in California remember learning about each culture evenly in class. I did not find I learned more about the German, Swedish, African or Latino cultures more or less. As the cultural history was a small part of the social studies. As US identity was to be created for a people as a whole and not your national heritage. However, I found it very upsetting that the Bracero program will not be taken up substantially more cultural education in California schools. While the major Cultures that fought and died and bleed for their cultures to be free and for their own country, proud to be part of the US, are now going to receive less education time in the class room. 

It further upsets me growing up in a very racist Latino population area. That California has no European Police Officer unions. That specifically understands its European's very conservative view points towards criminals. I find that California is lacking in a good core foundation of its real life foundational principles of this countries culture. It upsets me that no one has said anything before. My family is multicultural fairly well a mix of many cultures and ethnicity. However, when I see African's and Latino's ganging up with their conglomerated political powers very racists are they are. I just hope the German Culture as usually would lead the European heritage to a defensive cultural caucs in California. 

I believe it is this lack of cultural conglomeration of the real roots of this country, as per blood shed on the battle field to protect it and secure it. That if California did have a European Cultural Cacus, that we might actually see African neighborhoods that are horrible in-criminalized as per criminal statistics, and Latino neighborhoods that are horrible illegal in immigration and drugs, might actually start to stand up the political apparatuses that I know as per living in one of the areas helps those areas stay that way by crutching to them that it is the white folks that did it to them and by not having any real opposition to their own pitty and self wallowing against the culture that set the roots of this country,straight. I personally think the two caucus due a horrible job taken care of their people. Even with the California legislation having no major European Caucus there, which they blame for their worries and troubles anyways. However, I do believe as usually the so called White Devils,if they where to create a California European Cuacus we could properly and legally rebutt their self sympathies and massive attacks on the cultural values of this country as beign muti cultural and not racist conglomerations of Latino or African political leaders. It is my belief from living and studying that the white Devils rise above when it is time of need. 

I do believe it is time now for the California European's to have their own Caucus to take this state back from the Latino and African Caucus special interests who seem to not be doing a good job together or for their people. As California is one of the most productive US states but the current leadership of societies, being Asian, Latino and African seem to not be able to get past their racist views and work together to take this state out of deficit. While it is my 100% belief that if California had a European Caucus that Caucus could easily take all the cultures out of deficit in this state. As that heritage has protected all cultures in this country from military attacks and invasions before. Today, we see a need for the European Caucus to stand up and lead this country to greatness again. I do believe California would be very well to have a European Caucus. There currently is not and has not been one for a very long time in California. I find their Caucuses are horrible racist and bad for their own communities by creating racism and that we need to defend their own cultures and ours from their fascist conglomeration of hate politics. They do a horrible job we should restart the European Caucus and show them how its done.

Rider I
We going to start one. Then we take all three of you over and then once your political represented areas are clean productive and not breaking the laws. We will see who's talking trash on the white devils. 

Unfinished labors:, asfevents@wwbcny.cominfo@ambafrance-us.orgfrancese@msu.edu,169,,,,,,, info@amscan.orglisd@princeton.eduLithuanianUSA@gmail.comcarla@orderofmaltaamerican.orgfoundation@,,,

Finish up the list o mania for my rage against Senator in my area Bracero program taken time out of our studies to imbalance the already even cultural teachings to teach about a culture that tried to destroy us, went to war with us, and basically today invades us, yet German and the European Countries that bleed for us and fought with us in world wars nothing, was Mexico in D day, or any latin country. In I swear to god I will appeal and remove any Bracerior program unless each culture is taught equally in grammer school. thats a Highlanders promise. good as a dead on your porch after you tell your story of bullying. 

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