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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Philippine Court Rules Aquino Estate Must Be Split Among 6,000

My thoughts on this article:

With regards to this case. The area is a small part of Philippines. Where farmers have lived for a very long time. Which is all owned by one land owner. In that area heavy guerrilla warfare fighting by teenagers and young college students has been going on for a long time. This is mainly because they saw their families in a dead end enslavement to the land holders. Karl's Marx would say what is good for the society as a whole is to allow the single family to run the lands and have the workers work the lands. As that would be the most productive form of means. As the laborers would labor and the family ownership would deal with major issues of management. However, in anti communism. The belief is in the ability to someday own your own lands, and manage your own wealth, basic definition of economics, manage your surroundings. These farmers finally stopped fighting with communist guerrillas as they saw it was going no where. In which they started educating the youth to help them fight the major oppressive corporation that holds the lands.

When I speak of corporations I mean a socialized form of centralized wealth based on the idea of Communism and Stalin's idea that centralizing control, and labor is the best way to deal with productivity and is way more productive. Which is true corporations socialized state owned enterprise are very much more productive than individual owned business. To a point. However, at the same time those industries can grow so massive and so big without any check for so long that no one ever gets their own chance to own their own self's, or values, economics. This then would be against free markets. As free markets are the idea of individual ownership competeting against individual ownership. Which in its own theories state that the individual competitions of economics will out due the inequalities of production that socialism and corporations can produce.

In some parts of the Philippines from what I have read and seen on videos. There is a major subdivision of human quality of life. Where folks who live in villages still live like they are in the stone ages with little to no education, and areas where one single family owns them like slaves. Where as in other areas there are cities that are very tightly packed together. So much so that jobs are sparse and folks have basically given into the basic human quality of pain as a way to make money, or sex. As the feeling you get from sexual conduct is actually an extreme pain that is caused for a short time as the muscles tighten then when they loosen up it feels good. Which a lot of woman and men will tell you in their minds is nothing wrong with it. As it is their bodies. That is arguable.

The idea then would be for the Philippines land holders that still hold feudalistic style estates to create a way to spread through free markets like Thailand seems to have gotten a hold of, a better market system. Where lets say these 6,000 farmers. They have probably mined the lands for natural growing resources for lineages. Where because there is no other markets in the area like competeting farms abilities to get good pay to buy their own farms. They felt that the only way to gain access to a free market was to attack the major corporate land holder. Which is a very anti communist view point. As in communism it is based on socialized corporations of state owned enterprises where all the labor work for a few elitist who are best suited to control the administration.

So then, it is a great victory for the Philippines. As the rich have seen that if they do not solve the issue of major quality of life inequalities, that they might just legally and properly have their corporations taken from them. The idea is then how to solve this issue. So individuals can still amass free market competetable ownership, but yet still help their individual's find their own whims and desires. As in Communism the end goal is not the idea of individual ownership but the idea of centralized ownership. Where one works house and entertains but can never find their own individual ownership of lands. So as an anti communist. My view point would be that I could create a total different strategy for the macro Philippines economy. Where the corporations that hold lands, can still exist in coexistence with the laborers. As in the long run the small farmers will go out of business and the lands will either be bought up by the state, or will be recorportized. As the Communist Chinese have already shown they will buy up large portions of individual owned farms to communism them to the communist party. Which is seen in New Zealand and is being seen currently in Australia. Which more likely than not will happen here in this case. As the farmers have already begun to be less productive as labor usually can't manage intellect very well. There in thus destroying their families desire to own lands and the ability of the society of Philippines to compete internationally.

The idea then becomes what the Republican labor Unions did during the last cold war. Where folks like my grandfather fought for a better wage. So they could own their own farms, lands and individual life. While also being able to save up for their personal descent from the corporation by buying a small piece of their own dream. Where as in the Philippines, the inequality of labor payments is horrible. The rich do not pay their workers enough to even save for their own desires yet alone, someday dream of owning their own farm. Which in the Philippines one can easily do as there is droves of open lands that could be personally farmed. However, again these laborers are so blind that all they can see is what is in front of them. While the rich are so greedy all they can see is their ability to enslave these workers without good pay. Both thus destroying and imploding each other.

In the USA, the idea was that capitalism is good. As it allows for the best competition possible with regards to a balance to socialism. As corporations was Stalin's idea as a middle ground transitional point from individual land ownership, to centralized communist ownership's, yes Stalin created the stock market. The idea then becomes today in corporate culture we see a major shift from free markets and individualism back to communist feudalism. Where only a few CEO's or elder rich have institutions that can compete, and also centralize a lot of wealth to them. Where as during the years of Senator Sherman who created the best free market tool ever for individual ownership, which is known as anti trust laws. We saw the same thing. Where centralized wealth was acting exactly like what we see in the Philippines. The rich where not properly paying their laborers enough funds to create their own dreams and desires. While the centralized leaders or what we call owner's. Where taking in all of the wealth. We saw in the US major mine fights for miners rights. As mines being owned where creating trillions of dollars in surplus but the miners where living like slaves barely enough to have room, food, and if lucky create a child if you where a manager.

The US answer to this was exactly what the Supreme Court argued. The idea that inequalities destroy free markets and destroy peace among the society. So much so that the rich have a choice. They can stay greedy but because of it they will end up losing their corporation as the laborers revolt. The rich must find a middle ground to allow families to feel free, to educate, go places on weekends, and own their own lands. Today in the Philippines that is not so much the case. So they ruled in favor to allow the individuals to own the lands. Which will destroy the areas economy as most likely the international competition from Communist State Owned Enterprise will destroy the area now that the socialized corporation that used to run the lands is destroyed.

So as a ramble on, the lands themselves became a very well known rambling place for the Philippines. So much so that at rich tables they used that specific socialized to a single family ownership to allow themselves to pay horrible wages while these few families made billion and trillions. As an anti communist my first view of the Philippines was tracking and mapping communist guerrillas. As I see the bigger macro issues. Where Communist China is using them to destroy family owned corporations so they can eventually move in with state owned enterprise and re-due the whole enslaved to a socialized corporation thing all over again. So basically the issue of labor rights and wage rights come to play. Where major anti communist like Senator Sherman, who did not corporations or state owned enterprises, and believed heavily in the individual ownership and spread of competition. The idea would be for these families to seriously raise wages. So much so to allow their workers to be able to own their own family business are at least place the minds of their children at ease by helping them fund their schools, their own business enterprises and most of all family times together away from the socialized structure.

I am not going to lie to you I know the Philippines is being taken apart piece by piece by the Communist Chinese using guerrillas, based on the rich's greed there to not properly enrich their own families that work for them. This means that the rich there have to choices.

1. They start to pay better wages and have better employment rights, which again did not start with the Marxist, it was Abraham Lincoln that championed the labor rights of the USA and many Republicans like Senator Sherman.

2. They will most likely keep having to deal with the MSS and PLA's enrichment of guerrillas to destroy their corporations so they can eventually move their major State Owned Enterprise in to buy out the small laborer's who will eventually over time win the public's heart for their own ownership. As the laborer as shown in New Zealand, and now in Australia will not be able to compete with Communist Centralized SASAC controlled entities. 

In conclusion it is my belief that if the Philippines start to look into employment rights and not so much so labor rights. That wage desires can seriously start to spread the wealth and market. While still allowing areas of defensive corporation structures. So as to repel foreign State Owned Enterprise or corporation invasions. Once the labors find out it is almost impossible to compete against the Communist Chinese SOE's of the world. Which in comparison to 6,000 workers, is nothing. As the SASAC enslaves millions in way worse conditions. So if the Philippines gather a conservative coalition to start working on what is a respectable wage then they could see serious spread of wealth and power. As the USA saw after Republican President Abraham Lincoln's creation of the Republican Labor Unions, and after Republican Senator Sherman created the anti trust laws to stop the idea of corporate or state owned slave driving. Furthermore if the Philippines common law upholds their Supreme Court. It is in their best interest to get the laborers who will know own farms intellectual help with regards to competition and market access. As before all they did was farm the lands and they have no clue about the administration side of farming. Therefore, living them with natural resources with no way get it to market. On the other hand the family can try and buy it back from them and re due the corporate structure so their laborer's feel like they can earn a living and have a family.

It would be in the best interest if it follows through with the case law. To find a way to create a macro economic policy. To help these divided lands compete in such a manner so as to almost be more productive than the corporation. Which is due able. There are free market plans for government's that can regulate and administrate ways for individual farmers to compete with each other by gaining them access to international market's, stock market's and helping them find ways. In reality, if each farmer becomes as educated as the single corporation leaders of the family that owned them all. You could see serious production increase as per Lockean and Smithian ideas of individual ownership and competition. Now that is what the government's job is, not to own the economy, but help teach it, regulated it and protect it from international bullies. For example, creating an international market farm housing area for those farms could be a great way for them to get their products to markets in their cities and to international shippers. As we have seen Pari, France due to its individual farms store houses. One of the worlds best individual farm government regulators and free market systems in the world. Very small but very fruitful due to high competition, it is kind of like a fish market.  Where markets are created for them to help them compete with each other.

Rider I
Walmart all it is is a fish market or farm house for commercial products. Just a place to place your products or have them purchased in mass so as to direct them into the stream of commerce. If I had money and if I saw this going into play. I would either create a farm house like Pari's, or I would buy a area to create a walmart style corporation to direct the new farmers produce into commerce. While then teaching them via seminars on different things that they could grow. And through lecture's more or less direct the whole of the new 6,000 farm owner's into a very competitive anti communist Chinese market place.

This could then create more wealth spread for the area thus creating more jobs and markets for trade.

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Along with
Senator McCain and President Obama

My thoughts on a way to take a mess and create a major reform in Philippines agriculture.

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