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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A letter to a local church that seems to be similar to my favorite church but just closer.

It is multicultural and muti national. Which I love as an American warrior.

I see you are developing areas in poor areas. If this is true you need to do a media project outreach. As I have read the church was started as a prison church. I would guess in the archives is criminal justice research on how to stop crime before it starts. If this is so, then you need to look at specific ages of the area that are left alone. In poor areas, for example a lot of teenagers and kids are left alone to Rome the street's. Where they usually join gangs. If you could intervene before that happens that would be great. For example, greeting major artist they like to come in and speak on the matter of art and music creation. Along with helping them realize their dreams of becoming a good christian musician. By maybe opening up a place that can get to the students of life through a music studio that will record them if they show good faith and development in the church program.

This idea is taken from an old church I used to go to where it was also a prison church. I went there though as they had a skateboard park. As during those days on television and MTV the cool thing was heavy metal and skating. Today it is dancing and music poetry in the form of art. Along with car's. That is another thing. In poor areas the simple things become a very big artistic issue. For example, the car culture there is very old. So teaching students how to build low rider's or adapt their new street cruisers in an artful way. May drive them into hear the good word and feel like a family. That is the idea to get their interest so they do no have to run to the street families as they feel like they have a place to go where folks are very close to them and will help them.

Also ideas like helping students transform their artistic visions or anger towards society is a major issue. For example, a lot of children in poor areas have major anger issues. As their parents never see them, they can't afford what is on the tv. However, if there is a way for them to express that anger through art then it becomes a great way to do things. For example, trying to get rich folks or actors to come in to buy their art work if it is good or real cd labels to get back into christian church rock and heavy metal or rap. Is a really good way to get the area interested. As they will see another way out. Along with that just do not think that art is just colorful and music. The idea of sports art is a good idea too. It may mesh a little with some of the more poetic and musical types. But a lot of kids in that area, really want to become good sports folks to get out of the area and survive. However, they do not understand the art form of sports. For example, in sports it is like a bally, a choreographered, action pact dance. Where each move is an art form and each reaction is also such. Figuring that out is a great way also to get to kids in areas that are harder hit with immigration and low wages.

Taping into the new generation that every college student that graduates 1 in 2 is unemployed is also a major issue. For example, if some kids are not so artful but are more artistic in business deals. Then the church could set up an intern area. Where college students could come in and try and be business minded towards the art and the music and the sports. To help the community church of artist stay together as a network and produce art that is renewable. That is another art form, science. The idea that all basic natural elements are incurred in science is true. And nature itself is art. So including ideas of more science minded students is a great way to get the kids more involved. As if they come up with a patent or a great idea. The students who are more business artistic could help them get it into publish, print or make funds.

The main idea, is that alot of the kids are artistic for expression of anger due to issues at home and in socioeconomics. Finding the way out to the mass majority of them by helping stay away from the devils workshops is great. As gods workshops need to be fruitful and show earnablilty also. As US kids are very materialist not all of course, but raised by MTV and Hollywood. Therefore, taking an area map of what students like to do in art, like science, business, drawing, singing, sculpting, in the area would be a great way to start the new building. This can be done by working with the local school districts to have kids fill out a simple survey. In which after it is filled out, find ways to direct a network grid that is very similar to drug networks that currently enrich a lot of the teens and kids in the area. For example, these kids want to rap. It costs money. So instead of going to the devils workshop. They could be directed to the building, where a local art form for Christianity of course. The church does need to remember that all things should be properly equated. Where the church could use the artistic grids, found by the schools surveys. To find out how best to survey the area with workshops and equipment and abilities to get them in the doors and feeling like a family. Which would be great.

Rider I
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