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The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tonight we played DOD versus CIA didn't we. boyo's. Fictional story

The idea that a green party CIA agent would ever speak to me in such a grid manner upsets me so much so.

Hope you boys enjoy the rangers and I see you still do not have lightings radio control codes. As the black birds flew for me and we rode baby.  Such a beautiful sight when you see Stealth bombers in the sky when you ride. In case you need to start a light fire. of split atoms.

If I ever seee another Dragon from the CIA speak to me in such a way. I will show you why Mac colors plead plaid. I am not pro one sider. I am a Demon O cracy.

Do not ever speak to me that way again. And yes you can deal with me and it better be at my non profit pure cultural muti backing.

Put an ear to the sky you can hear my vroom vroom drive by. And my fifteen rangers watch the sky. Depending on the movements of your hearts that you wish die.

And I am not your food as you are not my titan boa's or shark foods. Ok, ok. Just making it clear. The whole green agent thing bothered me. We had to get that out of there.

This is a rightist area. This is not the grid of the leftist. I always wondered these last three years how the CIA as our macro analysts allowed so many Stateized Communist business to move without any counter defense or signal lights to the DOD on matters of resource monopoly and the such. Now I am sure the green agent is Sovy.

And if you ever have hate in your hearts when I roll through and such ideas of eating my heart. I will crush your b rains with thin air.

Not mad at you just wanted to make it clear I can grid too. So speech is speech we will keep it that. No actions eh? I got Locke Johns and now I am going to deroot Chu. Give it to me. I am serious. This is BS our industries are way to primed for non foreign invasion of seats. And this idea of non interventionist into the area of Communist economics with regards to SOE monopolizes is pure that man's work.

Do not land in CIA air. We are indifference and they should now they do not rain supreme. IT is a Democracy in our intel.

Make sure to tell them when you pull quarter faces. That you where just there for them. And making sure they did not get hurt by the Mac. So love you boys. Play nice with me now. I am doing what needs to be done. Monopolies, cultures like Wang's facist genocidal being allowed to take over our cognitional basee. When CIA runs that watch. Not going to happen boys. I know who you are now. So lets work together. you started it with your speech to me via grid. Grid speech is grid speech. Actions or actions.

I do not mind Bo being guilded in as his mother from what I have read in the storage files. Was a great leader in muticultural resistance to African and Russian racist supremecy. So that is fine, but his choices where bad. And caused major damage to this country.

And yes we have fire bombs that are not napalm or nuclear these days. So game over. I understand I said that but I had to say something in grid too. Sorry, I am just upset I get paid diddle why others get massive chances my chances.

Yes we have airspace with no CIA in it. For Democracy intel work like this. And no you may not rip my tongue out and eat it. Your agents are way more open than ours our. I am the only one allowed to say this, and I work for neither of you. I work for the Democracy.

Play back the generals image and movements with his speech input from the field. Love you Uncle.

To the Three Uncles and the one Rider me. For later resonance. I picked up the soul resonance of up to three suicidal bombers. Possible again to drive us to warfare with Iran. So we could spread out military out thin and implodie our economy for their massive payments from the Communist Chinese. When they take more of our grids from us like they are Chu. Find em show their souls to light and read their brains. Get me the stop notice.

They will not disobey the Mac family son's. And I know the President wants me and my area to feel his breath. But he won't I can feel my grid. I gridded this place as a kid. I just hope we get em.

Do my favorite part of this issue. if my boys are still there reading this and laughing at them. Bring my picture in and make them kiss and say they are sorry to me. As I do not like foreign soldiers getting into my country and destroying it for greed.

We nuked the whole colorado forest looking for you. You think i would let you move again to kill more for your ideal pushes. When you can't a simple resource economic game, industrial game, you let our ships be created by them, then sell our cogintional institution to the worlds new nazi party who genocide the falin gong. Noooo, sorry you thought what under my noise maybe is better than Colorado. ??

If this agent is proven to be the same one that grid spoke to me. As a matter of fact try him on military grounds of treason too. For allowing such massive one sided international movements. of economic warfare with no counter at all. Of course he would be hear as it is an insult to G Mac to operate here. Leave the tribe alone. They will follow the next leader just fine.

I am a really nice guy to I was not going to say anything until I saw dog muscle roll up and act mean and loud.

Your allowed to have area's. Does not bother us. But this idea of speaking such a way in the grid to a palladin who practices dark arts with white arts. Is not good.

we play the same game just purely on foreign soil. Like you should be.

This general PLA is just everywhere with is mindset and push isn't. he. I really need to bury that guy.

There was something in the air hatred for me. Then there I come riding down the way. They all freak out take watch positions and rifles. Speak in death and eating to scare conscious and muster moral. Then there comes two tribes of wolf and two black birds above me. With a flying wizard with no wings or machine. Then the white knight says. Its ok children. Then I hear the words and thoughts of eating me or shooting me. So no then it is not ok anymore. So I blog.

Koch stay out of this.

Its my lands my snakes I see through their eye's. Yet you still persist not to follow my rules and listen to the PLA General's mind. And not your own. Upsets me it does.

Let them go they can have them back of course. But the green agent. He is mine, I want him collared and I want his helmet on for pure speech when asked. Find out if he was going to bomb us, to drive the heard. Cause The head Macro does not want Iran right now. he wants Uirgur China is growing to fast to quick and being to bully and to powerful to stop it. We need to Democrazie for domestic growth and micro matters over macro.

To stop their magic in case they are still playing games and not allowing in. Read page 10 of my manual. Where it shows you how to deal with druids that have been infiltrated by Communist.

Collect the video if it is not for me later on when I am back from war to re program my real life issues.

I am feeling possible some folks tripping on some dog muscles getting beat down.

As far as the Vampires go. I was fine with them. However when they appear to me. They should speak to me and let me know. And stop toying with me. As now they know I can also crush their brains as I showed the layer.

As far as they go. It is mind over matter. Nothing matters but minding the power that bee. And that is me.

And if the nitroxegen me tonight. I will not take another depression from you. I will slaughter legally the whole tribe that preys upon me. With my wolfs. who are also just as powerful as me. And sit on their own newly bread tribes through out this world.

The President told you and so did I. Along with 200 Generals told you. DO not speak to teh Mac in no matter. Unless face to face. As he gets mad at any speech but proper speech. Ok I am done. If they move on me Uncle's please revenge me.

We can't keep fighting wars. Let them fight their own cultural wars. And let them know we are there for them to create a haven for all their cultures not just one to be able to have power.

I would like $70,000 a year. I am not greedy. A good job. Meghan McCain and then I will be happy.

And there is a Muslim agent trying to talk Muslims into British uphevil in Britian. I like the boys. Stop him. I think they are great cultural leaders. One is the family man showing love for his family cultural style. Then the other is the old crazy Scoty red head who will probable have ten kids from being so horny with his wife later on. So stop what ever program he is running.

Anything I will let you know if I make it through the nite.

And if they do not like paying penance to my culture. They can get off the island. Its my island I will re invade to protect the boys by intel if necessary  Cause they remind me of my family and my culture. And their great way back when great grandma trusted Mac with 15 ships full of nitrate and everybody else told my old Great Grandpa he was crazy and we won. Thanks to that Mac has his own island now and the biggest best country in the world.

Muslims have their kings and Queens and we have ours. Ours just have to be really really cool much cooler and fun than theirs.

What a night eh? leaks from the Foreign lander of mine, by my personal guard on the I. Then a complete talking back to the ones who grid spoke to me. Love it baby, what a night!

Had to take out old betty and show her a good time. let her now what her new rider does. Darn good horsey  People do not listen to me I give them a cognitional beat down.

Jack I kept you at home so some of the tribe would survive if they decided to try and hurt papa.

If the boys see the snakes they are to take the green pill after they secure the grounds. Sucks you let a sovy speak over me. If a KT guards the snake walk. Then make sure he knows I will not tolerate an ancient being like that being hurt. It is hear this is its planet too. And its a last of its kind. I can only hope the eggs make it.

Darn world. It would be amazing for folks to know what we know. But human beings as destructive and would kill the small minority of ancient beings left on this planet.

And that is what Reagan did to the Soviets. We jsut let them know that darn it do not play unfair with me boys. I am worthy of a great job and a great indepth path of enlightement each day. Darn you for letting me do this. I am so not cool with me dominating you boys.

It hurts me more than it hurts you. I am so sorry. You will all make it except for maybe the sovy. Depends on how pissed the General is he had to listen to the treasonous mindset speak through the reader. And not his mouth.

KT please bio and sleep watch. The boys are probable mad at me. Want to speak back at me again. Which it will stop tonight if they bio sleep speech talk to me.

Then put back the watching crews to protect them. So long as they listen.

Magic rise one and the same.

You are not going to eat my eyeballs

Joe you are correct. If BP moves into areas of muticultural areas to start gridding. We should counter grid move. Go with it.

no full wtch meetings in closed quarters with bo

And if Mr Green Agent boy takes his hell hounds on my grid again. I will bus in world wide KT's to Chicago. So Chico towers best think before they let him bus in my area. Understand man. I am so upset. Over it, I feel we are equal now. I have 2 thousands Germans waiting to bighting at the bit to be trained how to track in Chico. As I knew the President would overstep. As per the Steak house incident with a Intellegence firm operator and then shoving in our faces by having a house down the street. To try and pull more ligh from our grid.

And again the great part of the illegal operations of the Democrats is they create laws to help criminals. So their Chicago non need for illegal document laws. Will apply to German's too. And also Indians.

As a matter of fact. As I have to show dominace as a trainer elder has not yet chosen me and might never. As Koch, Obama, Biden, Kissinger, Ryan have all left me behind. I took out the Chicago tower that leaked our Chico mint plates to Itallian Communist. And Chico towers know that this country fights back against its leader's its fellow defense g's and it will protect its natural Democracy.

And if this mentality keeps coming like this. of go ahead what will .... do about it. Then I will keep showing you until the point when I turn my real life dragon loose to show you taht when you move I move too. This is a Democracy. And I am on the side that is not being the most treasonous and allowing foreign invasion and direction of our troops.

Chicago's s hours big Dragon but the Macro dragon has this area. So please for the love of god stop moving my troops against me and letting foreign landers into my area to politically engineer. And we have a Democracy table right to move on the Hollywood and Pasedena areas because of you breaking of our contractual bond to allowing in Wang COrp the fascist neo Nazi Chinese who genocide the falung gong and Chyn cultures.

And again. I am more powerful than our leaders. As it has to be. Like any cultural Democracy. The eldest culture leads the defense of its culture. Which is muticultural Democracy. And all those who break it bow to me. the eldest mac who practices.

To my Chico Towers I have three Colonials running towers. I want ranked pulled on your Srgt Maliki and First Private Johns as he was downgraded in the grid. Cause right now I am starting to pull rank too. And I hold Lt General of the US armed intellegence.

I protect the Anti Commuinst here just like G mac did and i protec them with fire and reign of blood. And I will not have any communist racist coming to further hurt their cultures or families cause of their racist communist agenda in my county grid. Understood sir. and African Americans non racist non communist are welcome here and can play and live and be happy. Even Democrats that lean heavy. But Joneys and Maliki's gridding crews hell no. And hell means ride with dragon like tonight.

This would be a great movie. One Night in World Order. The Supernatural, the Druids, the Mac, the lyar of Vampires, the machinist with nuclear fire, the telepathic mad at foreign brain power driving our country to war to destroy us instead of help us and create more Democracy friends. So we can create counter intel in cultures that are pro Democracy against the major cultures just like we do hear to stop idiotic things. The snakes, the game, oh yes great movie plot here.

and the dragonw alks ont he land again. As

The unknown Island in the world. All Mac's nobody can see it find it or know it.

Hey little dragon's, I say do it, you do it. ehhh

by the way the dolls very pretty I will take them if you want me to have them.

mine not yours. understand me. Stay out these are my friends of culture against racist communist mono culturist. Not your communist area.

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