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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Social Geography and political jerry mandering

In today's world we have to major sides of the political sphere. You have the right who is pro USA pro patriotic dominance and is supposed to be pro US industry and pro US labor. Then you have the left who is pro also the same things. But is more pro sympathetic and weak to international dominance and forces.

In Social Geography, the Democrats use illegal foreign companies and local sweat shops. To build their parties voting sphere. They do this through illegal immigration and massive drug networks through corrupt political syndicates. Which are usually run by foreign espionage agents. We see this is major cities where racism plays a huge part in the politics of local political campaign's.

The Republic on the other hand tries to counter under hand the Democrats by using churches and the good of the go of the law. Which is is what is, and shall be. They then jerry mander and expand their parties beliefs by pushing for the normal good home, and strong family values. This is much harder, as trying to turn an area of thugs and slaves. That have been brought in by Democratic party direction to take our citizens economic seats. They really do not care about the idea of our citizen's being unemployed. As they care more about growing their voting ranks in lineage and social geography areas.

The current Governor of California is a prime example of this. He spent the majority of his life, trying to undermine the church and use the foreign espionage units of illegal labor and industrial clout to his own benefit. Where he was able to bring in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and place them in pro Republican areas. To start to weaken the vote based on, local bullying of Republican children through mass population of Democratic values through illegal immigrants. Which is what happens when a populace is invaded by a foreign populace. They start to lose their values and take on the values of the stronger population.

Then comes in the parties where the Republicans and Democrats sit down. Which The current Governor of California was on the Democratic secret commission for gerrymandering. Which is illegal, especially the use of foreign espionage units slave labor movements to enrich their parties strong holds in social geography.

It is also happening my neighborhood too. Where Republicans try and find foreign immigrants who are pro Republican to immigrate into the county. As the majority of the state is over run by latin voters that the Democratic party runs through their gerry mandering grid network plans. The Republic however, usually smuggles voter mass cognition's by numbers from Asia out of heavy leftist areas. So when they arrive they instill in their children as per Republican Gerry mandering grids Republican individual values.

The problem then become is that the Democrats have the boarder states as their primary social geography building areas. As they are closely working with drug networks, and slave labor's along with sweat shops. If you take the social geography and grid in out in my area. What you see is major anchors, that are protected by the Democratic party. Which then feed socially and through political protection the boarder state's influx of illegal immigrants. Who raise children here under the Democratic wing's anchor weights and protections. Then after about ten years. The population of Republicans has either moved out, died off or their children moved. As the area becomes so heavily leftist and so heavily foreigner. As they do not go through the proper channels of legal immigration to learn to be pro US and learn English. Which makes it hard on the local native populace.

Then what the Republicans have to do is to counter grid these areas. One is by using proper laws that stop impasses of illegal immigration. So the Republic has to use the church to stop the new immigrants from going extremist leftist and materialist. So when the new born Democratic smuggled children become around 30 years old they switch sides. As they see teh same thing that all Republican see. Which is bright lines, penny to the dot, liabilities and asset's. While they watch the Democratic party destroy their neighborhoods for their own political empowerment of social geography.

For example where I live the Police and Politicians know all the coyote run's from the boarder states. Yet, year and year out the same anchor areas are used to bring in more illegal immigrants. Then the city has to pay $40 million a year just feeding their children. Not to mention given free clinic's and free food through church services. Then they wonder why their is not enough funds to protect the city from radical extremist terrorist creation, or massive deficit creation. Which then takes from the Police and city workers pay and forces thousands of lay offs. Yet the same folks being layed off are the same folks who looked the other way. While the same anchor areas are protected by Democratic leaders and their political clout with the police and investigators in the city. So in reality, the investigators are going to lose their job anyways. At least if they did it and stopped looking the other way. They would have a better chance of surviving.

I am not saying that all illegal immigration is bad. As I know some countries are very war torn. However, the US's illegal immigration has 80% Mexican, with about 5% other latin countries and then the rest of the world.And Mexico has about a 1% illegal immigrant populace. While the US has a 16%. Mexico is not in a deficit, and has a very low unemployment rate, and land is very cheap and jobs are plentiful in the cities. However, the Democrats like the current Governor of California work hand and hand with CISEN to build Democratic social geographic legislation to allow them to pour through the boarders.

Which is still the same Democratic social geography strategy they have had since they brought African's here and housed them in major State owned and corporate housing and feed them. Which is exactly what the Democrats due today to the African's in Democratic area's as drug mules and consumers of US tax dollars to the drug trade. While also doing it to Mexican's through very low wages which in all reality is the same thing as slavery. As they do not make enough money to survive on. The Democratic social geography strategy has always been import foreigners to boost their political parties power and economics.

The only way they can try and justify their legislative intent for foreign born labor. Is to state they believe in no boarders. Which then takes the US back to old colonial times. Of who ever can export more human labor to the US gets the control of the country and the parts of its resources. Which is what you see in the US today. Foreign countries massive exporting human labor to the US thanks to the Democrats horrible illegal immigration stance. Which is the liberalist in the world. Which has allowed our great lakes to be almost owned by the Saudi Arabian king's books and lineage producers.

Mexico has one of the worlds best countries to live in. I mean it is not at war in foreign military. It has really good labor to living costs. Where as in the US we are at war with foreign countries. That always try and blow us up. While our labor to living costs makes the majority of the lower end slaves to the daily grind. With barely any ability to own one's own. Where in Mexico if you work in a factory and you get a job you can afford a piece of land. Here in the US you never will be able to afford a piece of land. My grandmother worked her whole life in a factory never bought a piece of land.

The only thing Mexico has going against it is its cabbage patch addiction. Where CISEN has this thought process of the old American Spanish and Mexican war's. Where it learned back in the day how the US used drugs and frontier psychology to take over this land from the Spanish and then from them. Which they still use today and are trying to retake this land for their control. Even then, thats not that bad. They leftist media and CISEN connections to it try and make it look worse than it is. However, Mexican's know if you are not part of the industry and do not take part and are a good church folk. The industry will not bother you.

My family has grids of the whole area we live in. As it used to be heavy Republican. But we watched it all be gridded out by corruption. We sit there and watch the Democratic party and police all allow CISEN to take it over. They are very weak. The maps are easy to create. I mean anybody with an economics associates can create a social geography, and economic geography map and correlate them. To see specific points of specific industries and anchor weights. But it does not matter as the Police look the other way as the Democrats hold saw in political power. I mean in my city alone, you can't get into the city council as a normal citizen. Unless you have major bucks, and are willing to take on the CISEN and its affiliated networks. For example a poor anglo saxon from an old family. Who has been economically taken out of business in this city, by CISEN operates. Was assansanted on the street's by CISEN puppet's. As he was trying to obtain permission to speak in front of the city council with regards to this cities economy. The puppets went away, he never got in and it showed the cities populace not to try and get into their own city council's chambers meetings.

They try and say it is a constant closed city council meeting. Cause they are afraid somebody will kill them as per the heavy illegal immigration. However, they are just as easily killed with a rifle as they walk to their car as they are in the city council room. Which has a metal detector and two armed guards. Or even worse they are even easilier set up by the opposing force to CISEN which is CIA in a accidental murder if it gets that bad. To where US citizens are being attacked. I do not understand how a city could have closed doors in an area where they need lots of help. As they can't afford the brain or man power to deal with their illegal immigrant anchor areas. For example right now, I am tracking a serious disrespect to one of the last Republican gridded and gerrymandered areas in my city. Totally starting to grid new drug houses and illegal immigrant anchor houses. In that grid to push out or to bully or to kill out, or force out as per female need to have a safe and secure neighborhood for their children. I think I am going to have another meeting with my international Republican elders. And talk about fairness and genocide and how they should not be stepping that hard.

Rider I

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