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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Legalities of Non Natural Migration in the Illegal immigration battle.

The major battle in the USA today is illegal immigration.  This problem is proliferated by CISEN a Latin espionage agency. That the Pope and the Catholic church baby and allow to immigrate through non natural immigration. The main end problem with this besides the major loss of jobs for the youth and in some areas of high illegal immigration 14% of the citizen populace. Is that they are laying foundations for future foreign espionage agencies to easily immigrate their citizens here without any stopping them. If all the illegal immigration in the USA all 10 million of them where removed form the US. We would have almost full employment with the normal 4% unemployment.

Non natural immigration was a term used to create the US's first every immigration bill. Which was after the civil war. Which was specifically directed at other colonies that where trying to immigrate more citizens to lands in the USA. The bill was directly stated that immigration could only be illegal and thus fall under the Constitution of naturalization. If it was due to specific terms of engagement of citizens. These legalities lead to a specific code of conduct for illegal immigrants. This code of conduct was based on non issuing of industrial sided politics. Where the bill went into debates about US industrialist a specific party was brought up. As they where more likely to use slaves. Which later turns into the Democratic party. That stated that illegal immigrants are not allowed to work in the 13 colonies just for cheap labor. This non natural immigration bill also went over the basic's of what today everybody is fighting over. Which is how to give sympathy to those that are non naturally migrating based on slave labor and foreign espionage desire to colonize the USA.

Mexico does not meet one of the natural migrant issues that was set out for naturalization through the constitution and its debates and historical legislative purpose. 1. There is no civil war that is threatening mass culture or religious death. 2. There is no economic imperative  as Mexico has 4% unemployment and an almost perfect wage to home ownership economy. 3. The specific people who are allowing them to naturalize are using them as slave voter labor.

This bill and its historical legislation with regards to this issue of non natural migration should be dug up and should have been gone over for the legal battle of the current allowance of such high one sided espionage invasion through non natural migration to colonize. The definition given of colonization meets every single latin community inside of the USA. Where they take over area's, are very militant (gangs), they then perpetuate a mass migration of non natural migrants and protect them, they also harbor protests against the USA and constantly state they wish to take it over or destroy it, or further gain non natural migration sympathy. This was gone over when the Constitution was constructed with all of these in mind. Everything from who can naturalize based on need of migration or natural migrations, all the way to specific things that can't be allowed of slave labor to one party of today called swet shops, to the idea of using the non natural immigrants to allow them to take over just to win political seats. This bill should be dug up and gone over. It is easy to see that every single law of natural migration is being broken by CISEN and its sympathetic people in the USA.

Currently today the costs of CISEN's economic warfare and non natural invasion of the USA. Costs whole cites like mine their whole deficit. Thus forcing cuts to citizens quality of life to afford CISEN's imperative of non natural, or what was known as colonization immigration. For example the city I live in is in a deficit of $40 million dollars. This deficit can be accounted for just in school lunches to illegal immigration alone. As per republican auditing of schools who give children free food without proper showing that the parents can't afford it or even in some case live in that area. That alone is a major shut down of cities. If you look to CISEN's highest economic warfare invasion areas. You will see the worst economic collapses. Where there is high illegal non natural migration there is cities shutting down and obviously in an economic grid going upside down. This is our biggest threat to local economies of scale and liabilities and assets economic sheets.

if the country wishes to keep allowing CISEN to invade the US. When they have an almost zero deficit to capita Mexican citizens, with a 4% unemployment, and a very good balanced wage to living quality of life. While the USA, has a 8.1% across the board unemployment, as an over $100,000 to capita or individual person deficit, and its wage to quality of life leaves most individuals outside of deficit to capita in individual debt up to $200,000 per person. Then I think we need to get a lot more jobs here.

For example this dream act that allows Mexican citizens to become USA citizens and hold dual citizenship because they illegal migrated here. Allows up to 1.7 million Mexican nationals to gain access to public funding and schooling aid. While 10 thousands applications each semester for USA National citizens for public funding and just a seat in school are rejected. Mexico does not take care of the USA. So I do not understand why we should burden ourselves, when the USA can't afford to take care of them, different when we where in surplus, that these laws should be sympathetic. Personally, I think the idea of the precedent I set with the CISEN deportation of known CISEN espionage agents and the 10,000 Muslims that where protesting and chanting to destroy the West and USA. We should start deportation of families, and whole cities, if the sympathetic keep pushing to push our citizens out of jobs, and their school seats. Except for Equador, which is an open country to anyone with no boarders for citizenship. Which is also not even run by Equador citizens thanks to the open boarders. It is a proxy state of the mmmm country used as a proxy war and militant zone.  There is no other country that allows this kind of sympathy for a foreign espionage take over by non natural migrations.

I do not find it funny, nor fair to US citizens that the Mexican National come here talk trash, live for free like ghosts, gain medical and school and public aid, and then Mexico. Lets talk about Mexico immigration. No other nation is allowed to illegal migrate to Mexico. If there are found they are deported unless they state they are going to the USA. Whole blocks in Mexico have been deported of settlers going to the USA that just stayed. Mexican illegal immigration is under 1% while the USA's is above 16% of US labor.

We had 2 million OWS kids that marched in the USA. Who can't find a job, picking foods, building things, flipping burgers, or anything. The USA kids, it is not the US's job to allow a foreign espionage agency to invade it when there is no natural need for it. Then we have illegal immigrants having 3-9 kids getting welfare up to $4,000 a month from my state California. While the California kids can't get a job let alone have a kid and gain that kind of welfare assistance.

When I say it is CISEN. That is because of today with satellite telecommunications as per Mexican satellites they bought off specific satellite companies and specific models they have. I know 100% that they have the same programs that can take one picture and link in to the seventh degree whole networks and things that are happening. Not going to say what satellite company or specific satellites they bought and own and operate with just as many as the CIA. But its them and when I set my precedent for my military vote as President of this country to if need be out vote the Political President. I showed them it was true with 6,000 CISEN agents gone. Along with that my specific program that was given to the people who watched over me. Is in those satellites. And it is the program of environmental carbon production and filtering by plants. Which every single plant has a different production and can be seen through a specific scope I created with a computer radar analysts as I outlined and broke mental blocks and he coded along. So I know they can see where plants are by specific carbon intake of plant species. As that is what I did as chan chan.

We made the program under the preempted guise to push for complete renewable manufacturing loans. Not as a set law as it would destroy our competition to force rebuild. But for future cites of the rebirth during the second cold war. When I take the reigns to beat out the Communist Chinese. Which we will show the basic world by facts and statistics the reality that we will suffocate if the plants are not allowed to eat or filter out the carbon in the world. This then would allow me to start giving loans for completely renewable manufacturing plants. Which if not bought old brick buildings is actually cheaper to build and hold onto in the long run due to specific issues it resolve thus costing a lot less and in the short to long term making us more competitive in exports the ultimate game to fresh treasuries.

Instead of five or six Mexican National families living in small cheap apartment communities built for the citizen who is just starting out to have a place, not for illegal immigrants. Where these illegals fester crime and militant youth and neighborhood gangs to stop other illegals from taken what is theirs. There would be a young American with their own place. Instead of having to live at home with their parents. Especially since in some areas where its obvious illegals are bunking as per cars on the streets in neighborhoods zones for no more than 4 people per two bedrooms. Their would be young happy Americans surviving and thriving and having children and living. Instead of Mexican nationals birthing four or five kids and hoping one of them gets a job to pay for the rent and food in an illegal industry. Instead of living in Mexico where there is 4% unemployment and there are no Mexican bums living on the streets. As compared to the USA, where we have literal ten cities in every single city across the USA. Cause of illegal families bunking up pushing out the low income citizen families.

So it is time to fight the herders who are driving down my country. CISEN will obey or will be Reaganized. When I read about college students trying to find their own apartment on a target or taco bell wage. And they state that all the apartments they could afford are filled up with two to three Mexican illegal families. Instead of being there for them and the next level housing is to rich for them. It upsets me that our people can't feel free because of some deceptionized idea of naturalized immigration from Mexico. When Mexico is better off than the USA.

And this not how the USA is. Up to the 1960's the USA had a quota system backed by military order as per the historical quota bill based on legislative intent of naturalized immigration. This is how CISEN as the political actors who pushed for it where later found out to be working for that era's CISEN or Mexican espionage agency.

Then you have liberals who say they do not want us in international folks business with regards to genomic material invasion whether by force or secret. Then we come home and they do not want us too deal with our own genomic material invasion issues. It is stupid it is plain to see that CISEN has been allowed to get away with to much when it comes to illegal immigration. When the USA is at a point due to racist voting that both sides fear not being voted in if they do not bow to illegal immigration and CISEN operations to genomically invade and control these lands through colonization policies of old.

When I say quota I mean quota. Individuals would literally count legal and illegal nationalities and then militarize the stopped influx of those violating the quota system. But CISEN stopped it as its only foreign policy conspiracy is to invade this land. However, it will end up setting up weak illegal immigrant laws and the Communist Chinese rooted already state owned bases of hundreds of empty homes and ready to start producing empty manufacturing plants in the USA and Mexico. Will over migrate CISEN due to their inability to conspiracy outside of this Continental and see the whole game. 

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