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"The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger
The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"
Lieutenant General Leslie R. Groves

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Filled this cite up moving to next cite Tri's i 6

Siberian Russian underground Communist Party bases.

Today I am tracking Russian organ dealers and slave traders that are funding the Russian Communist Party to retake Russia to make it again a fascist regime of a mono sided party. I currently have a Siberian Husky breeder as the main gate keeper to a tunnel to an underground old KGB base that was abandonded. I am working on a NATO and Russian cooperation as we did against the Communist Proxy warriors in Afghanistan together to create ties with the US Democracy forces. To go in and take out the base. As it is currently one of the centrivical forces of the Russian Communist party and it seems to have  a lot of telecommunication direction coming out of it with orders with regards to the economic trails. I will personally oversee the documents written to capture the head of the base and make sure we get the fulls script. As again the Communist International Party has become violently evil and very aggressively working in espionage maneuvers to destroy world Democracy. The problem is the majority of Russia now wants Democracy and hates Communism. With major areas completelying banning the Communist Party and any symbols to it. With massive underground punk bands, motorcycle gang's, rockers, political and military factions still ready to resist the evil empire.

This should be a lot of fun and should replace the International Communist Party as an evil empire back in the spot light. As I have 30 different Russian anti Communist districts journalist ready to go and headed to the Siberian area to video and tape the seek and destroy lines of economic enrichment of the Communist Russian Party. The Communist Party of Russia is not banned from owning legal businesses or any other type of legal work. It is just the banning of symbols. Much like Israel and Germany banned Nazi symbols after their occupation of a mono fascist regime.

Rider I

Pending Lawsuit from defamation speech to me buy a company

The specifics I will not speak on as I would rather settle as my speech alone can spur class action lawsuits as per my contacts in the class action world with other paralegal's and secretaries that I worked with and opposed in battle. But I can say this they picked the wrong day to speak to me like that on a day I have to go get brain cancer biopsies. That is what I do Military, Police, Business, Employment, International class action muti billion dollar cases guns defense, local cultural protection based on sympathy for cause of life against big rich wigs who oppress. Normally I do not spur anything against Local US Corporations as I do not attack or hurt my own area's business unless major issue or somebody else comes to me for help if I am under an attorney. But today is a very bad day for me and the feeling inside of my body was bad enough to what that corporation said to me. So I will decapitate them legally and properly for it full case attack. The problem with people is most folks are not code or penal minded. I am, the law states that there is no excuse for not knowing the law even if it is your companies policy. I know the laws, I read them for fun as I am a dissident I get attacked a lot. So I can't make big mistakes by not knowing something. So should be fun another lawsuit. Still watching the Baidu New York case, as it is still going on with regards to the company discriminating against US research companies rights to public search engines. If your company is something that makes money on the 100% of the public using it it is public company and you may not discriminate. Matter of fact if they do not settle it I will run my own game and then send the game to a Latin Man that I worked with who had his car broken into during one battle we worked together and so did I.

Ok so the store just lied to me. So now I set up the lawsuit then go to the class action. I said I would accept the apology. But then again they lied to me. I worked in the industry and know the model that is being used. So now I am even more pissed.

This is why I do not believe in fascism and I believe in muti party Democracy debates and working things out. I spent two hours of my life speaking with the wrong corporation as per my own anger. That is why i believe in democracy and all my death warrants go through military tribunals or at least President Dead Men review. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Secretary Chu Treason in US High Tech Economic Warfare Draining

During the Green tech stimulus, Secretary Chu worked with Secretary Commerce Locke and a Federal Contracts Chinese Communist sympathetic to give away $80 of all of the US green tech industrial stimulus. Where the funds went to primarily only company holders that where part of the International Communist Party who is controlled by the Communist Chinese. This strategy was exactly analogous to the strategy that the KGB where going to use on our nuclear and physics industry. This action of Secretary Chu does not stop there. Secretary Chu then further gives US high tech stimulus funds to a Communist Family owned industry. That funds major Communist Parties members world wide. Secretary Chu did not properly use the funds as it was directed by the legalities of the contracts for its use. The specific use was for a competition in high tech energy light bulbs. Where today we have very high tech energy light bulbs that last for 30 years that sell of around $2. However, Secretary Chu gave this new Communist Family owned business $10 million for a prize in which the company had no competitor and the end product was a $50 light bulb that does not even compete with our on the shelf light bulbs. Secretary Chu is more than obviously an MSS agent that was sent to do exactly what the KGB tried to do to Western Democracy nuclear and microwave technology Destroy it by dispersing it away from US or pro Democracy businesses. This man should be arrested for violating the federal contracts laws set out by President Obama and the US congress with regards to our green tech stimulus. Then he should be arrested for violating fair competition laws with regards to a competition where only one business owned by the International Communist Party member's was in competition. While also being sent treason charges for economic warfare drain of our green tech funds for the US and Democracy companies that where illegally given to international Communist Party's business. While also going under charges for conspiracy to destroy a US industrial base of high technology. This man alone has caused the US to lose its first ever high tech industrial economic war. Where the US is in last place and not anywhere close to advancing to even second place in world production or hands on schooling or analogizing to other areas of need for our citizens. This is the exact game that was outlined in Venona's research on the KGB who defected and admitted to Microwave and Nuclear desires to gain a position to do this exact strategy.

Secretary Chu's $10 Million dollar Fiasco

Royal Phillips Eletronics

Royal Philips Electronics, commonly known as Philips
"It was founded in Eindhoven in 1891 by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik"

Gerlard Philips
"was a first cousin of Karl Marx"

Renewable energy money still going abroad, despite criticism from Congress
"Foreign Grants 1.7 Billion" If you research exactly where it was all Communist Party owned businesses. That are very closely lead by the Communist Chinese in the international Communist Party.
"Domestic Grants 500 million"
Congress and the President set out very strict laws to stop this from happening. Secretary Chu knew as they he worked with Commerce Secretary Locke and a Federal Contracts Chinese person. Who where all told many times as per books on the matter. That there are laws against what you are doing.

Affective television monitoring and control

Dale C. Wiggins, M.S. (Vice President of Technology for Philips Healthcare Patient Care and Clinical Informatics Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.)
Applications and opportunities for wearable technology in physiological monitoring

20120065458 - Implantable device with communication means: The invention relates to an implantable device, e.g. a Deep Brain Stimulation device (10), and to a method for communicating information from such an implantable device (10) to its carrier. The communication is achieved by the emission of sound from a transmitter (16) into the body material surrounding the implantable... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

Neurolosurgical Guiding Tool

Conscious Monitoring
Chinese Billionaire Won’t Give Up on Iceland Plan After Snub

The Central Propaganda Department as Department Chief

Plans of the Central Propaganda Department Chief are to take over the islands tourism industry. Then to create a Chinese fishing import business to destroy their local main two industries of fishing and tourism. 

Rider I

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Japanese Best Strategy Against Communist Chinese is Radar (GPS) Picket ships for Senkaku-Diaoyu-Tiaoyu-Islands

Currently the Communist Chinese guerrilla warfare threats are used with major fishing ships and lots of Naval ships. As Japan has very little. This was the same thing that happened to the US and world when they where fighting the Chinese Emperor's proxy war against the ROC, World War II. (If new to my cite, I am the grandson of a major SS hunter during world war II. He found a Chinese brain manipulation base near Hitler's most time spent vacation spot in the mountains. Plus Hitler has all the symptoms of today's open source brain manipulation tracking manuals. While he was also on the same drugs as Tesla's mice where when he brain manipulated them. While Hitler supposedly was for Christian Dominance  He destroyed more Christians in his war than any other war ever including the Crusades. Which last way longer. Also The Chinese Emperor Paid Engels who has a very big trade going with him and was rich because of the Chinese Emperor, to create a destruction manual against the West. So he paid Marx's a sum to do so. Which was because the West was at war with the Chinese Emperor for Democracy. Which we won Hong Kong and eventually created the ROC. Which the Chinese Emperor created the Hitler to have Japan attack the ROC to destroy it for his personal easily single party control. As any King or Monarch can tell you if they have a chose of being a Monarch in Democracy or Fascism. Fascism is easier to control. While today the Emperor's throne sits empty. Yet the Castle is still used and the underground bases are still filled with living souls and ancient Chinese Emperor secret rituals as per our intelligence ) The world had very little ships as the world was not ready for the Chinese Emperor's infusion of resources and material and ideological brain wave implementation. As per Tesla's brain weapons release during the early 1900's late 1800's. Thus the world had to create a way to stop such massive amount of ships like Communist China has.

The way the world stopped the Chinese Emperor's worlds best As per Robert Green's set of Power, 33 Greatest Strategies to war, and Persuasion citation of Sun Tzu strategies. The specific Chinese Emperor Lineage has been getting his enemies to fight his battles for him since he took the Lands of China for his own heritage. Was by creating a massive amount of ships that were converted to be pure radar warfare ships. Which had a massive amount of ships that could picket or redirect and re-control ships to their doom or run them out of gas or onto natural reef's. Which took down a substantial amount of the Chinese Emperor's proxy warriors ships.

When an foreign country has more of an element than another country. That country has to learn to use the basic symptom that all of those elements have in common. Then use a smaller force with a strategic idea to stop them from causing harm or encroaching on their lands or resources. The Japanese Forces is very small. However, if they where to analogize the Bermuda Triangle British US wars, and then the World War II Picket Radar Ship tactics; to today's war against the Communist Chinese Guerrilla and media warfare attacks. We could easily see that the Japanese alone with less than 12 ships could actually repel a whole invasion force of the Communist Chinese massive elements. 

The best way to do this is create a strategy that uses new wave Radar or GPS's and then run the ships out of gas running then in circles or far away. While intercepting any attempts to use satellite or cb directional strategies. This is how the US was able to directly stop the massive German Nazi submarine and fishing commercial ships during World War II. As the German Socialist had massive amounts of State Owned Enterprise shipping and fishing strategies. Which where protected by a massive amount of submarines. The best way we did this was actively found the specific strategy to decode the Nazi submarine and Commercial Boat's radar's and cb communications. Where the US intercepted them after listening to normal daily speech and cracking the code's for the day to authenticate speech. Then the US was able to run a lot of whole shipments off course and almost out of energy. So their massive need for oil and gasoline for the their biggest drain on the economic liabilities sheet. Was totally stressed and drained. These analogies would win the war against Communist China. If they prepared for this. Then the easiest way to also counter intelligence this issue. Would be to do like Iran did to the US drone and take over the drone's through hacking their camera signals and replacing camera signals with loops. While having those loops react to specific controller movements to an exact movement feeling. This then would completely stop the guerrilla fishing boat's and submarine invasions of the shared ASEAN and Japanese island invasions. As the Communist Chinese are projecting their mob rule. However, Japan should project as it has been taught by the light's its industrial technology rule. 

The second part to the radar picketing is also the media blitz. Currently today the world is literally only showing the Communist Chinese side of the invasion issue. As I read the news everyday and anything that says anything about China is digested in my brain daily. Thus, I have not seen any Japanese news medias being relevant in the news on Japanese positions of historical and actual legal older documents of ownership of the Islands. This is going to be a major element. As the Japanese need to analogize the above analytical strategy to the actually news media warfare and cognitional mass light grid's. Things like international mapping, search engine's, political societies, ancient societies, cultural societies, etc. Really need to be attacked with soft power by Japan. So when it comes time they can actually win. For example, Communist China uses a Cairo document to claim legal ownership of the lands and resources. That are out of the legal 200 nautical mile range. This document needs to be attacked on its foundation as being signed by a ruthless dictator regime. Thus making it void in Egypt today. As Egypt just went through a major change to Democracy. Where regimes like Communist China is not liked. While cultures like Japan where a religious icon the Empire, is allowed their force like the Muslim Temple in Egypt, while the people have a Democracy for all cultures and differences in religious beliefs to debate and vote on.  This should be coupled with a preemption of Indian trade going to Egypt to say how much more trade that India can do with Egypt, and showing how India also has the same feelings about Communist China. That the Egyptian people had about Mubarak. Then Japan should speak with India to lighten up the Egyptians so when they come to speak on the documents legalities and bases of dictatorial fascist views, in a world where Democracies like Egypt's and Japanese are growing stronger should stand together against the last major Dictatorial party in the world. The main media war that Japan is going to have to overcome is the trade and market consumption bullying tactics of the Communist Party. This is very easy. You can show better places to trade with countries like Brazil, or India. Then you can exam the cultural issues they have with fascist leaders or parties. Then use those as a speaking point of analogized light grid points to the Communist Chinese fascist party. 

In Conclusion, the Japanese can win the war against the Communist Chinese. If they where to analogize the Bermuda triangle naval guerrilla warfare games of Britain and the USA. Then to analogize the Radar Picketing  of World War II submarines and commercial ships. Where both analogies where to be relevantly applied today to technology and counter movements and cloaking applications. We could see that then those hard power tactics should also then be followed up with a soft power tactic. Where the Japanese need to illegitimate the mass cognitional battle in the world's vote to help Japan. As my best analogy was Libya. Where I spent time in France on a weekend military get away pass. Then I sent out over 10,000 letters courting the world court for hard power. Then I was able to get an easy vote to allow the Democracy rebels in Libya to be voted for to win the battle for Democracy. I believe this is a winning strategy and not even as in depth as we could go to win. Yet, these simple tactics are a very easy win win strategy for world Democracy and small islands resources and cultural freedom a like. 

Rider I
For further strategies contact me at my normal espionage spy spot. Then I will charge my normal fee of a free non VISA flight to the area of needed sainting. Then the full cultural experience for my soul. With no funds to come home with so as to never have ti had happened. Then let my planed rebellion start, OWS was peaceful and very productive. Many legislative intents to stop corporate ownership of politics so politicians can vote for society issues and not for corporate greed stuff. Libya was great fast cheap, efficient beat out Cheyennes by billions and years. Japan if flown and paid in full for total king of culture weekend. Then I could win the war and let the rebellion begin. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

U.S. China Policy: Campaign Issue not Punching Bag

Dear Dr. Guthrie
After reading this article. I find that he has never seen the worlds biggest collection cite on communist china's economic warfare attacks on the west and Democracy. Their President literally declared cultural war on the West and Democracy. The Communist Chinese are still 75% centralized economy, with the other 25% only being owned by the state political party elders and leaders. They have funded all of our enemies in the war on terror. Which are called proxy warriors against Democracy if you understood the second cold war. While every time a Communist Chinese company moves in. It imports its own workers and leaves the area with an non competitive lifestyle as per wages and quality of life. Along with that the Communist Chinese fund local Maoist extremist political movements when they gain entrance to areas. Business, like we see in India, Philippines  and the USA along with other areas that the Communist Chinese State Owned Enterprise Business have moved into.

I do not think that Mr Cooper is qualified to speak on Communist China if he has not read one single article on the side of the collectors cite or any of the specific written notes on how the Communist Chinese are the west's biggest threat. Obviously you did not read the Proxy war books on how Communist China funds fascist regimes to attack Democracy and Western cultures for genocide of them in favor of Communist regimes. Your opinions represent the people of the west and when an journalist does a half but article and states that our biggest enemy is not our biggest enemy I know 100% he has not done his research. As my cite alone has collected 6 dead MSS agents as they have tried to kill me for my work against them.

Furthermore, you cite Gary Locke as if it is a good thing. However, you must not know that Gary Locke, Secretary of Science Chu and a Federal Contracts Chinese person according to many books on the US green tech war and why we lost our first ever industrial world battles. Show that the three of them worked to give away 80% of all US green tech stimulus at the begging of this era's new nuclear and physics analogizable industry. Which if you know about the book Venona, you can easily analogize the acts of Gary Locke and the other two as what the KGB admitted two in the book when they where defecting. Which is they where sent to cycle into power to destroy the US's next high tech industry through leadership positions. Just like Gary Locke did the green tech industry. According to a numerous amount of Business personnel and books, one of the top of my head is Where it states that the US citizens went to get the stimulus money but it was given away by the three Chinese state leaders. Your assistant who prepped you with the Briefs on Communist China was very ill informed and has caused a major doubt to your leadership in the reality and facts and statistics of Communist Chinese economic warfare or what in the free market we would call mercantilism. Furthermore, Both Locke, Chu and the Federal Contracts actor, all new about the innovation law that forces business to give over IP secrets and to be in forced joint ventures. Where as compared to India or any other Democracy it is free trade. Yet the three pushed to allow the Communist Chinese to build our Jet's micro chips, guided missile micro chips and to allow the Communist to have hands on industrial knowledge of our State Owned Enterprise engine Company GM by allowing them to give over our most prized Eletrical Engine IP just because the three of them pushed high tech science trade with the worlds worst economic warfare centralized country.

Please review the cites below

Rider I
I am also willing to accept a full scholarship to the school to tutor in Communist Chinese economic behaviors and economic warfare as they are a militarized economy not a free market.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Legalities of Non Natural Migration in the Illegal immigration battle.

The major battle in the USA today is illegal immigration.  This problem is proliferated by CISEN a Latin espionage agency. That the Pope and the Catholic church baby and allow to immigrate through non natural immigration. The main end problem with this besides the major loss of jobs for the youth and in some areas of high illegal immigration 14% of the citizen populace. Is that they are laying foundations for future foreign espionage agencies to easily immigrate their citizens here without any stopping them. If all the illegal immigration in the USA all 10 million of them where removed form the US. We would have almost full employment with the normal 4% unemployment.

Non natural immigration was a term used to create the US's first every immigration bill. Which was after the civil war. Which was specifically directed at other colonies that where trying to immigrate more citizens to lands in the USA. The bill was directly stated that immigration could only be illegal and thus fall under the Constitution of naturalization. If it was due to specific terms of engagement of citizens. These legalities lead to a specific code of conduct for illegal immigrants. This code of conduct was based on non issuing of industrial sided politics. Where the bill went into debates about US industrialist a specific party was brought up. As they where more likely to use slaves. Which later turns into the Democratic party. That stated that illegal immigrants are not allowed to work in the 13 colonies just for cheap labor. This non natural immigration bill also went over the basic's of what today everybody is fighting over. Which is how to give sympathy to those that are non naturally migrating based on slave labor and foreign espionage desire to colonize the USA.

Mexico does not meet one of the natural migrant issues that was set out for naturalization through the constitution and its debates and historical legislative purpose. 1. There is no civil war that is threatening mass culture or religious death. 2. There is no economic imperative  as Mexico has 4% unemployment and an almost perfect wage to home ownership economy. 3. The specific people who are allowing them to naturalize are using them as slave voter labor.

This bill and its historical legislation with regards to this issue of non natural migration should be dug up and should have been gone over for the legal battle of the current allowance of such high one sided espionage invasion through non natural migration to colonize. The definition given of colonization meets every single latin community inside of the USA. Where they take over area's, are very militant (gangs), they then perpetuate a mass migration of non natural migrants and protect them, they also harbor protests against the USA and constantly state they wish to take it over or destroy it, or further gain non natural migration sympathy. This was gone over when the Constitution was constructed with all of these in mind. Everything from who can naturalize based on need of migration or natural migrations, all the way to specific things that can't be allowed of slave labor to one party of today called swet shops, to the idea of using the non natural immigrants to allow them to take over just to win political seats. This bill should be dug up and gone over. It is easy to see that every single law of natural migration is being broken by CISEN and its sympathetic people in the USA.

Currently today the costs of CISEN's economic warfare and non natural invasion of the USA. Costs whole cites like mine their whole deficit. Thus forcing cuts to citizens quality of life to afford CISEN's imperative of non natural, or what was known as colonization immigration. For example the city I live in is in a deficit of $40 million dollars. This deficit can be accounted for just in school lunches to illegal immigration alone. As per republican auditing of schools who give children free food without proper showing that the parents can't afford it or even in some case live in that area. That alone is a major shut down of cities. If you look to CISEN's highest economic warfare invasion areas. You will see the worst economic collapses. Where there is high illegal non natural migration there is cities shutting down and obviously in an economic grid going upside down. This is our biggest threat to local economies of scale and liabilities and assets economic sheets.

if the country wishes to keep allowing CISEN to invade the US. When they have an almost zero deficit to capita Mexican citizens, with a 4% unemployment, and a very good balanced wage to living quality of life. While the USA, has a 8.1% across the board unemployment, as an over $100,000 to capita or individual person deficit, and its wage to quality of life leaves most individuals outside of deficit to capita in individual debt up to $200,000 per person. Then I think we need to get a lot more jobs here.

For example this dream act that allows Mexican citizens to become USA citizens and hold dual citizenship because they illegal migrated here. Allows up to 1.7 million Mexican nationals to gain access to public funding and schooling aid. While 10 thousands applications each semester for USA National citizens for public funding and just a seat in school are rejected. Mexico does not take care of the USA. So I do not understand why we should burden ourselves, when the USA can't afford to take care of them, different when we where in surplus, that these laws should be sympathetic. Personally, I think the idea of the precedent I set with the CISEN deportation of known CISEN espionage agents and the 10,000 Muslims that where protesting and chanting to destroy the West and USA. We should start deportation of families, and whole cities, if the sympathetic keep pushing to push our citizens out of jobs, and their school seats. Except for Equador, which is an open country to anyone with no boarders for citizenship. Which is also not even run by Equador citizens thanks to the open boarders. It is a proxy state of the mmmm country used as a proxy war and militant zone.  There is no other country that allows this kind of sympathy for a foreign espionage take over by non natural migrations.

I do not find it funny, nor fair to US citizens that the Mexican National come here talk trash, live for free like ghosts, gain medical and school and public aid, and then Mexico. Lets talk about Mexico immigration. No other nation is allowed to illegal migrate to Mexico. If there are found they are deported unless they state they are going to the USA. Whole blocks in Mexico have been deported of settlers going to the USA that just stayed. Mexican illegal immigration is under 1% while the USA's is above 16% of US labor.

We had 2 million OWS kids that marched in the USA. Who can't find a job, picking foods, building things, flipping burgers, or anything. The USA kids, it is not the US's job to allow a foreign espionage agency to invade it when there is no natural need for it. Then we have illegal immigrants having 3-9 kids getting welfare up to $4,000 a month from my state California. While the California kids can't get a job let alone have a kid and gain that kind of welfare assistance.

When I say it is CISEN. That is because of today with satellite telecommunications as per Mexican satellites they bought off specific satellite companies and specific models they have. I know 100% that they have the same programs that can take one picture and link in to the seventh degree whole networks and things that are happening. Not going to say what satellite company or specific satellites they bought and own and operate with just as many as the CIA. But its them and when I set my precedent for my military vote as President of this country to if need be out vote the Political President. I showed them it was true with 6,000 CISEN agents gone. Along with that my specific program that was given to the people who watched over me. Is in those satellites. And it is the program of environmental carbon production and filtering by plants. Which every single plant has a different production and can be seen through a specific scope I created with a computer radar analysts as I outlined and broke mental blocks and he coded along. So I know they can see where plants are by specific carbon intake of plant species. As that is what I did as chan chan.

We made the program under the preempted guise to push for complete renewable manufacturing loans. Not as a set law as it would destroy our competition to force rebuild. But for future cites of the rebirth during the second cold war. When I take the reigns to beat out the Communist Chinese. Which we will show the basic world by facts and statistics the reality that we will suffocate if the plants are not allowed to eat or filter out the carbon in the world. This then would allow me to start giving loans for completely renewable manufacturing plants. Which if not bought old brick buildings is actually cheaper to build and hold onto in the long run due to specific issues it resolve thus costing a lot less and in the short to long term making us more competitive in exports the ultimate game to fresh treasuries.

Instead of five or six Mexican National families living in small cheap apartment communities built for the citizen who is just starting out to have a place, not for illegal immigrants. Where these illegals fester crime and militant youth and neighborhood gangs to stop other illegals from taken what is theirs. There would be a young American with their own place. Instead of having to live at home with their parents. Especially since in some areas where its obvious illegals are bunking as per cars on the streets in neighborhoods zones for no more than 4 people per two bedrooms. Their would be young happy Americans surviving and thriving and having children and living. Instead of Mexican nationals birthing four or five kids and hoping one of them gets a job to pay for the rent and food in an illegal industry. Instead of living in Mexico where there is 4% unemployment and there are no Mexican bums living on the streets. As compared to the USA, where we have literal ten cities in every single city across the USA. Cause of illegal families bunking up pushing out the low income citizen families.

So it is time to fight the herders who are driving down my country. CISEN will obey or will be Reaganized. When I read about college students trying to find their own apartment on a target or taco bell wage. And they state that all the apartments they could afford are filled up with two to three Mexican illegal families. Instead of being there for them and the next level housing is to rich for them. It upsets me that our people can't feel free because of some deceptionized idea of naturalized immigration from Mexico. When Mexico is better off than the USA.

And this not how the USA is. Up to the 1960's the USA had a quota system backed by military order as per the historical quota bill based on legislative intent of naturalized immigration. This is how CISEN as the political actors who pushed for it where later found out to be working for that era's CISEN or Mexican espionage agency.

Then you have liberals who say they do not want us in international folks business with regards to genomic material invasion whether by force or secret. Then we come home and they do not want us too deal with our own genomic material invasion issues. It is stupid it is plain to see that CISEN has been allowed to get away with to much when it comes to illegal immigration. When the USA is at a point due to racist voting that both sides fear not being voted in if they do not bow to illegal immigration and CISEN operations to genomically invade and control these lands through colonization policies of old.

When I say quota I mean quota. Individuals would literally count legal and illegal nationalities and then militarize the stopped influx of those violating the quota system. But CISEN stopped it as its only foreign policy conspiracy is to invade this land. However, it will end up setting up weak illegal immigrant laws and the Communist Chinese rooted already state owned bases of hundreds of empty homes and ready to start producing empty manufacturing plants in the USA and Mexico. Will over migrate CISEN due to their inability to conspiracy outside of this Continental and see the whole game.